After a long winter of using your fireplace, the last thing you is to think about getting your chimney cleaned. Chimney sweeping and cleaning is probably one of the easiest things to put off until fall. This is the time when you start thinking about using your fireplace again. But there are several reasons to reconsider this decision and schedule your cleaning and maintenance now.

Solve Blockage Problems Before They Start

One of the things that your chimney care professional will be looking for is blockages. Many times the cause of those blockages is animal or bird nests or leaves, twigs, and other loose debris. One way to ensure that these blockages don’t occur is to get your chimney inspected and cleaned early. Do this to make sure that your chimney cap or crown is working at its optimum capacity before these nuisances get a chance to get in your chimney.

Clean the Creosote and Avoid Odors

GuideOne Insurance explains that the chimney is the main route for the byproducts of your fire to escape. These byproducts can include unburned wood particles, minerals, water vapor, and tar fog, so it’s a good thing there is a way for them to get out of your home. However, over the course of the winter, some of these byproducts will stick to the inside of your chimney in the form of creosote, a black and hard or brown and sticky substance that is highly flammable. When the warm, humid days of summer arrive, this creosote can begin to smell, and that odor can permeate your home. By scheduling your inspection early, you can eliminate the source of that odor.

Warm Weather Fixes

There are also some repair jobs that just work better in the warm weather. Many of the materials used to repair chimney breakdowns require time to cure, and that curing is best accomplished in warm weather. It’s also easier for your chimney professionals to work on your chimney when the weather is warm. And if your chimney is leaking, you may want to think about waterproofing after your leaks are fixed; this is also a job best accomplished in the warmer weather.

Get Ahead of the Rush

Another great reason to schedule your chimney inspection, cleaning, and repair work early is simply to avoid the rush and to be able to pick the day that works for you, rather than having to schedule around everyone else who is calling in at the last minute. Your chimney technicians will also have more time to complete any repairs if you schedule early in the summer rather than waiting until the last minute.

If you’re looking for a quality team of chimney care professionals, look no farther than Owens Chimney Systems. These professionals are CSIA certified and they stay on top of all the current chimney inspection and care techniques. Call early and avoid the rush!