The Importance of a Chase Cover for a Chimney

Chase covers cover the chase area surrounding the cap at the top of the chimney stack. When the cover erodes, water can enter the chimney system through the seams, which are normally where we see the first signs of damage. Simply replacing the cover with a custom chase cover is the best solution.

Close up of corner of black chimney chase cover
Full image of new, black chimney chase cover
Close up of stainless steel chimney chase cover
Full image of new, stainless steel chimney chase cover

Custom Chimney Chase Covers

These come with a single hole or multiple holes and can be made out of stainless steel or galvanized steel. We recommend stainless steel chase covers because they will not rust over time like galvanized steel and rust is another sign of erosion when it comes to these covers. They are all made right here in America and the stainless steel has a lifetime warranty attached making it the perfect solution to aging and deteriorating chimney chase covers.

If you are a wholesale supplier or contractor looking to order a custom cap or cover, please email Brian at

Storm Collars for Chimneys

If you are going to replace a chase cover it’s also a good time to consider replacing the storm collar. A storm collar only has one job: keep the water out of your chimney! They come in stainless or galvanized steel and are made in the USA. As with the stainless steel covers, we recommend the stainless steel storm collars because they will not rust and they come with a lifetime warranty. If you have any questions as to how a storm collar works, please contact us and ask.

Close up of new stainless steel chimney collar


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