Find the Best Caps & Supplies for Chimneys

In the “good old days” it was believed that just having a chimney stack leading the smoke away from the house and out to the atmosphere was enough. However, today we know more about that smoke and how to get it out of the house efficiently, as well as how to keep things like animals and debris out of the chimney flue where it can more easily catch fire.

That’s why we provide an array of chimney caps and supplies for both the efficiency factor as well as for aesthetics to fit the look and feel of your home. Caps today are designed for just about any chimney there is and we can even help you find custom caps if, for some reason, your chimney needs one.

Chimney cap construction taking in place in a warehouse
Custom chimney cap being fabricated in warehouse
Two new dark gray chimney caps on light gray chimneys

We Also Sell Chase Covers, Dampers, Firebacks & More

Other supplies that you might need for your chimney appliance are chase covers, dampers, smoke guards, exterior and interior cleanout doors and stainless steel or cast iron firebacks. Our technicians are certified to help you with all the accessories and necessities that you might need, so please don’t hesitate to ask us questions about anything you might see on the website. We understand an educated customer who knows about their appliance is a safe customer because they know what needs to be done to keep their family safe from a potential chimney fire.

If you are a wholesale supplier or contractor looking to order a custom cap, please email Brian at


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