Owens Chimney Systems, Inc. Sells & Installs Exquisite Valor Gas Fireplaces – Boasting Beauty & Warmth, Even During a Power Outage

When you’re buying a new gas fireplace, stove, or insert, it’s normal to have some concerns and quite a few questions. Will the flames and logs be realistic looking? Will the unit provide heat and comfort? Will I be able to use it during a power outage? Luckily, with Valor gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts, all those worries and concerns are taken care of. These highly functional, highly efficient, highly attractive heating appliances are some of the best money can buy. Check out some of the models we sell and install below and be ready to fall in love!

Have specific questions? Ready to get this project started and finally achieve the living room goals of your dreams? All you have to do is get in touch with someone from Owens Chimney Systems and we’ll take the reins from there – assuring your expectations are met every step of the way. For a high-quality gas fireplace, consider Valor. And for an excellent array of the best products from the best brands, consider Owens Chimney Systems as the premier fireplace store near Charlotte, NC.

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What Valor Gas Fireplace Models Do You Have?

Great question. While we love ‘em all, here are some of our favorite models that we’ve installed in local residences over the years:

Valor H6 Gas Fireplace lit in living room with stone surround and wood mantle

Valor H6 Gas Fireplace

The H6 is great for those looking for a larger fireplace that will provide a clear view of the fire. The H6 keeps you comfortable with its secondary heat exchanger, which circulates heat out into your room evenly and steadily. Choose from murano glass and plain black liners, traditional logs and herringbone liners, traditional logs and red brick liners, traditional logs and fluted black liners, and more. With a 71% Energuide rating, you can finally enjoy a warm, comforting fire, without the guilt. Great for indoor or outdoor use.

Valor H5 Gas Fireplace lit in living room with white marble surround and white mantle

Valor H5 Gas Fireplace

The H5 gas fireplace, like the H6, is a large fireplace (approved for indoor or outdoor use) that promises great heat and great efficiency. Enjoy radiant warmth and customize your fire bed with murano, decorative glass, traditional logs, or pebble beach driftwood. Beautiful flames, glowing embers, a beautiful, uninterrupted view of the fire? You get it all with the H5. Choose from driftwood and herringbone liner, driftwood and plain black liner, traditional logs and red brick liner, traditional logs and fluted black liner, and more.

Valor H4 Gas Fireplace with beige stone surround and wood mantle in a living room with cozy ambiance

Valor H4 Gas Fireplace

The H4 is a medium-sized fireplace that’s indoor- and outdoor-compatible and highly efficient. This four-sided fireplace can be installed in a wall, so you don’t have to have a traditional hearth. You can customize your fireplace by choosing decorative rocks, driftwood, or traditional logs, as well as your preferred backing plate and bezel surrounds.


Valor H3 Gas Fireplace set in a wall with all white surround, no mantle

Valor H3 Gas Fireplace

The H3 is another medium-sized fireplace that’s indoor- and outdoor-compatible and highly efficient. What makes the H3 so great? Well, for one, it’s slim and can be easily installed in new construction or in place of an old, outdated fireplace. Choose between three fuel beds, seven different liner options, four surround options, and birch logs, driftwood, traditional logs, and more for a truly custom look.

Valor Horizon Gas Fireplace with green tile surround and white board and batten mantle

Valor Horizon Gas Fireplace

The Horizon is a great option for homeowners looking for a highly efficient, indoor- and outdoor-compatible, medium-sized fireplace. A perk of the Horizon is that it can be installed just about anywhere, thanks to its rear and top vent application options. Choose from driftwood and fluted black liner, logs and fluted black liner, decorative rocks and fluted black liner, logs and red brick liner, and more.

Valor Portrait ZC Gas Fireplace - a smaller, portrait oriented fireplace with stone surround and mantle

Valor Portrait ZC Gas Fireplace

If you’re worried about spacing and installation, consider the Portrait zero clearance fireplace. This small fireplace is indoor- and outdoor-compatible, highly efficient, and powerful. Don’t let spacing, insulation, or design layout prevent you from enjoying a fireplace in your favorite spot — with the Portrait ZC, you can have exactly what you want, exactly where you want it.

Valor L3 Linear Gas Fireplace - close up of a linear wide view fireplace with reclaimed wood surround

Valor L3 Linear Gas Fireplace

Looking for a wide view option? Consider the L3 linear gas fireplace, an indoor- and outdoor-compatible option that’s highly efficient. This gas fireplace is the largest linear fireplace Valor offers, and it provides that stunning look many homeowners are looking for. Plus, with the HeatShift System® option, you can keep TVs or any other nearby valuables protected against the heat of the fireplace for greater installation options. Choose from murano glass and reflective glass liner and driftwood and fluted black liner options.

Valor L2 Linear Gas Fireplace - a wide linear view fireplace set in white and gray tile surround

Valor L2 Linear Gas Fireplace

The L2 is a medium-sized linear gas fireplace approved for use both indoors and outdoors. Highly efficient, HeatShift System® supporting, and boasting a 50″ viewing area, it’s easy to see why homeowners love the L2. Choose from rock and shale and reflective glass liner, murano and fluted black liner, driftwood and fluted black liner, splitwood and fluted black liner, and more.


Valor LinearL1 See-Thru Gas Fireplace set into a rock and shale wall that sees into living room

Valor Linear L1 See-Thru Gas Fireplace

Trying to figure out what would connect your living spaces with style? Consider the L1 see-thru gas fireplace. This widescreen option is great for connecting two spaces and adding warmth to both. It also supports the HeatShift System®, so you can protect those nearby areas that can’t take the heat.

Valor L1 Linear Gas Fireplace with layered stone surround and two chairs and table in the foreground

Valor L1 Linear Gas Fireplace

The L1 linear fireplace is indoor- and outdoor-compatible, highly efficient, and supports the HeatShift System®. With the L1, you’ll enjoy that wide view you love, the radiant heat you crave, and a beautiful flame that can’t be beat. Choose from driftwood and fluted black liner, rock and shale and fluted black liner, decorative glass and reflective glass liner, and more.

Valor Multi-Sided Lx2 Gas Fireplace - three-sided/corner fireplace set into textured white wall

Valor Multi-Sided Lx2 Gas Fireplace

The Lx2 is a three-sided/corner fireplace that provides 180 degrees of beauty and warmth. Choose from splitwood, driftwood, rock and shale, and two glass fire bed options for a custom look you’ll love. Trust us, the neighbors will drool when they see this.

Valor Multi-Sided Lx1 Gas Fireplace - a smaller 3 sided corner fireplace set in a stone wall

Valor Multi-Sided Lx1 Gas Fireplace

The Lx1 is a multi-sided fireplace that fits smaller spaces than the Lx2. It’s great for connecting rooms or transitioning from one space to another with style and beauty. Radiant heat, a large viewing area, reduced wall temperatures, high efficiency, and log options (driftwood logs, birch logs, rock and shale) are just a few reasons to love the Lx1.

What’s the Difference Between a Modern Gas Fireplace and One That Is More Traditional?

When shopping for a heating appliance for your home, the first battle is determining which specific product best suits the needs of your home, family, and lifestyle. Once that’s been decided, and you’ve figured out your ideal fuel type, the real fun begins: style presentation and aesthetics.

Are you looking for something with strong and striking lines and angles with a bunch of different customization options, or are you after a cozy, classical vibe? One of the biggest and most enticing elements of gas fireplaces – and Valor gas fires specifically – is the wide range of style options that allow homeowners to truly choose the perfect appliance for their lifestyle and design preferences.

In terms of the difference between modern and traditional gas fireplaces, there really are none – at least when it comes to the physical operation and function. Both utilize a gas connection to facilitate beautiful flames. What categorizes one unit as “traditional” or “classic” and another as “contemporary” or “modern” lies in the model’s appearance:

  • Traditional gas fireplaces: Typically, gas fireplaces labeled as traditional will feature elements commonly seen in masonry or wood-burning setups: ceramic or some other refractory material-made logs, a mantle, and even firebox panels that resemble classic bricks. These types of gas fireplaces are an excellent choice for those interested in obtaining a hearth that imitates the look and feel of a wood-burning system, with the unmatched benefit of increased efficiency and heat production.
  • Contemporary gas fireplaces: Alternatively, gas fireplaces that are on more of the modern side of things can vary quite a bit. Some models utilize gas logs designed to look like different kinds of trees, while others feature different refractory media and may host flames on a bed of rocks, stones, or glass beads. Modern gas fireplaces usually have a handful of different customization options and new-age viewing capabilities, too. Unlike their traditional counterparts, appliances that fall under this contemporary category could never be mistaken for a wood-burning system…they make a statement in their own right!

Questions about which kind might be the best choice for your Charlotte home? While the choice is ultimately up to you and your family, the kind and dedicated fireplace and chimney pros here at Owen Chimney Systems are here to lend our professional advice and opinions. We’re here to help you create the living room oasis of your dreams. Get started today by filling out this appointment request form online, or give us a call at 704-554-9595.

We Offer a Good Selection of Valor Gas Fireplace Inserts To Fit Every Style and Budget

Not quite ready to say goodbye to your existing fireplace, but are tired of the inefficient performance and heat production? Consider a Valor gas fireplace insert. All of the benefits of a gas fireplace, without your old and drafty fireplace becoming wasted space. Here are some of the finest gas inserts Valor has to offer:

Valor G4 Gas Insert with red brick surround and hearth

Valor G4 Gas Insert

The G4 is a great medium-sized gas insert that’s highly efficient and easy to love. If you’re looking for an impressive gas insert that can fill your large fireplace opening without being wasteful or overpowering, this is it. You’ll love the ease of use and the control the G4 gives you, as well as the AutoFire™ feature, which works to give you greater performance using less fuel. Choose from murano glass and reflective glass liner, logs and red brick liner, driftwood and fluted black liner, rocks and fluted black liner, and more great options.


Valor G3.5 Gas Insert set with dark grey smooth tiled stone surround

Valor G3.5 Gas Insert

The G3.5 is a great replacement for an old wood fireplace. You’ll love the incredible efficiency, comfort, and warmth this powerful insert provides. Plus, like the G4, it features AutoFire™,  so you’ll never waste energy or fuel with your hearth again. Options include logs and ledgestone liner, driftwood and fluted liner, murano glass and fluted black liner, logs and red brick liner, and more.

Valor G3 Gas Insert with natural cut stone surround and black smooth finish mantle

Valor G3 Gas Insert

The G3 is the industry’s best-selling radiant gas insert. It’s an amazing zone heater that’s easy to use and easy to love. And with AutoFire™, you can be confident your G3 is saving you energy while keeping your favorite space warm. Driftwood and fluted black liner, decorative rocks and fluted black liner, logs and fluted black liner, logs and red brick liner — however you customize your G3 gas insert, the results will be beautiful.


Valor G3 Classic Gas Insert set with large dark grey flat tiled surround

Valor G3 Classic Gas Insert

The G3 Classic is a simple insert — both in terms of design and use. You’ll love the flames, the ceramic logs, the radiant heat, the clean design, and the control you get. Let it be simple with the G3 Classic.


Valor RetroFire Gas Insert set in existing wood fireplace with stone surround

Valor RetroFire Gas Insert

Looking for a smaller gas insert that can fit in your existing masonry or factory-built wood-burning fireplace? The RetroFire is a direct vent and b-vent insert that’s highly efficient and fits in those smaller spaces. And if you choose the direct vent co-linear RetroFire, you’ll still enjoy AutoFire™ and all the energy savings that technology brings. Choose from direct vent with driftwood, direct vent with logs, ZC b-vent with a contemporary view, and more.

Valor Portrait Gas Insert  with Windsor arch front with natural stone surround, mantle, and hearth

Valor Portrait Gas Insert

Looking for a small gas insert with a whole lot of style and incredible efficiency? The portrait series from Valor is where it’s at. Choose your fireplace front (many great options for modern and classic spaces), finish, and of course, fire bed options (traditional logs, coal, rocks, driftwood, and more). Whether the Windsor Arch front, Bolero front, President front, Clearview front, or another option is more your style, you can’t go wrong with the portrait series.

Already in love? Ready to schedule your installation? Get in touch with Owens Chimney Systems through our website, or give us a call at 704-554-9595 to learn more.

How Does a Fireplace Insert Increase Heat Production & General System Efficiency?

For as beautiful and enjoyable as traditional wood-burning fireplaces can be, the truth is that they are just not great at creating enough heat to warm the room, let alone the whole house. And while an insert still might not be able to take on the heating needs of an entire home, it certainly goes a long way in boosting the radiant heat you can expect from a fireplace.

Because of their enclosed design and the materials used during construction, inserts are able to more effectively distribute heat throughout the space, without a majority being lost up the chimney. Inserts are also great because they utilize your already existing fireplace – chimney and all! Sure, some specifications will need to be looked over and your liner will likely need to be exchanged for one that is compatible with the type and size of your new gas insert, but in general, inserts are the perfect way to give an old fireplace a new life.

What Valor Gas Stoves Can I Choose From at Owens Chimney?

If you’re looking for something with a bit more “oomph” in terms of presentation and performance, you might enjoy a Valor gas stove. With different choices in size and style, Valor’s gas stoves are hard to beat.

Valor Madrona Stove set in corner on tile floor with snowy view of outside to the left

Valor Madrona Stove

The Madrona stove is a medium-sized gas stove that packs a punch in terms of efficiency and warmth. Choose from arched, square, or contemporary styles and traditional logs, driftwood, splitwood, and more for a stove that’s truly the perfect addition to your space. Convected, radiant warmth and energy savings are yours with the Madrona.

Valor Portrait Stove set in existing  brick fireplace hearth with logs and kettle to the left

Valor Portrait Stove

Need a smaller stove for your space that can be either top- or rear-vented? Consider the portrait stove series from Valor. These highly efficient stoves are freestanding and extend just over a foot into the room for heat and charm in just about any space. You don’t need much space to enjoy this stove. Oh, and you’ll love the solid cast iron craftsmanship. Choose from coals and red brick liner, logs and red brick liner, president casting detail, and more.


Is a Gas Stove an Effective Way To Heat My Home?

Absolutely. In fact, when it comes to flame-producing heating appliances, gas stoves are one of the best and most efficient ways to heat a space. And, unlike some of their other fireplace and insert counterparts, gas stoves are known for their ability to heat quite a large surface area. Plus, thanks to their construction and freestanding design, these products have quite the range of options when it comes to placement within your home.

Looking to warm a cold and drafty bathroom on the second floor? Are guests complaining about the temperature of their bedroom on the far end of your house? A Valor gas stove might be just the solution you’ve been looking for. To learn more about gas stoves and the two Valor models we carry, reach out to the Owens Chimney Systems team! You can get in touch through our website by filling out this appointment request form or by calling us at 704-554-9595.

Not Sure What Option Is Best for You? The Team At Owens Chimney Systems Is Here To Help!

No matter what heating appliance you’ve been hunting for, or even where you are in your hearth improvement journey, Valor has the quality of products you’re after. And Owens Chimney Systems is the best fireplace store in the Charlotte area to get them. Our chimney and fireplace professionals are not only experts in their field, but they’re also well-versed in the multitude of different products we sell, too. Have questions about any of the Valor gas fireplaces, inserts, or stoves we sell and install? We’d love to help with your decision – just ask!

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Valor isn’t the only gas fireplace and stove brand that we carry. Check out our realistic Real Fyre gas logs!