Owens Chimney Systems Can Change Out Your Old Prefabricated Unit for a New, Highly-Efficient One

In a world where masonry chimneys get all the attention and lots of hype, prefabricated chimneys are often left out of the conversation – seemingly destined to be a mere afterthought. And while there is a reason brick masonry has been around for so many centuries, prefab chimneys deserve some love and attention, too!

A solid choice for many contractors and home buyers alike, prefab chimneys are an excellent way to maintain the structural “sameness” as the rest of a home’s exterior – built to blend in and match with other elements of the design – while still allowing for the utilization and installation of a hearth appliance. But, what happens after many years of regular use? Unlike a brick chimney that can be taken apart and put back together in pieces, restoring a fabricated fireplace is a bit more involved and usually requires some kind of changeout.

After years of grumbling about its subpar performance and even worse appearance, is it time to replace your prefabricated “factory” unit? Whether you’re tired of your old appliance, your unit’s service life has come to an end, or modern building codes warrant a changeout, the professional team of industry experts at Owens Chimney Systems can help you find the perfect prefab replacement and install your new unit quickly and professionally.

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Why Might I Need To Schedule a Prefabricated Chimney Changeout?

Despite technological advancements and widespread innovation across all industries, nothing lasts forever – including your fireplace and chimney. But, what if your prefab chimney is still in great shape and nothing major has changed in terms of building or industry regulations? Are there other reasons you might consider changing out your fabricated fireplace for a different, newer model?

Absolutely. Damage and/or deterioration may be one of the leading and most glaring causes for a prefab chimney changeout, but it’s certainly not the only. Here are some other common reasons you might consider changing things up when it comes to your hearth and home heating:

  • Switching fuel types. Currently burning wood, but tired of the required maintenance and upkeep every time you light a fire? Perhaps it’s time to consider gas as a fuel source! Alternatively, if you’ve grown bored of your gas appliance and wish your fireside experience included a little something for all of your senses, perhaps you’d like wood instead. Or maybe, you’re interested in switching it up completely and have decided to try out electric. No matter which fuel you currently use and which one you’re interested in switching to, a prefab chimney changeout is the perfect opportunity to switch it up.
  • Replacing an old appliance. As long as your fireplace continues to work as intended and receives the care and maintenance it requires, its age isn’t necessarily all that important. However, if it’s been a few decades and you’re starting to notice less heat and diminished performance, you might want to consider investing in something new. Besides, depending on how long ago your current appliance was installed, you’d be surprised at all the myriad of options available to you these days! Between different fuel sources and a bunch of customization options for various features, you can find something that perfectly suits your heating and design needs. A definite win-win.
  • Increase system efficiency. It’s no surprise that open-facing fireplaces are simply not as efficient at producing that enviable, radiant heat as their closed off counterparts. Whether you currently use a set of gas logs or burn real firewood in your firebox, if you’re looking for a greater heat output, consider looking into the benefits of having a fireplace insert installed! No matter which fuel you prefer, you’ll have many options to choose from and all will be certain to drastically improve the current heat production.
  • Design a new look. Sometimes, you just want a change – a new look that better suits the current style and setup of your space! Changing out your fabricated fireplace and chimney can breathe new life into your living room and draw attention in a brand new way. Aesthetics and interior design trends often change over the years, but thanks to services such as hearth changeouts, you don’t have to stare at the fake wood-paneling of your mid-century fireplace any longer.

No matter the reason for changing out a prefabricated chimney and fireplace, it’s always crucial to work with a team of professionals. HGTV and YouTube might make it look manageable and easy, but appliances like fireplaces have so much more going on behind the scenes than you might think. Not only are there specific clearances to consider when looking at model replacements, things such as liner quality and material, measurements and dimensions of the new product in relation to existing space, and more, are all extremely important both for system setup and performance.

If you’re looking for a fireplace and chimney service provider in the greater Charlotte, NC area to perform a prefabricated chimney changeout, look no further than Owens Chimney Systems. With over three decades of experience in the home heating and venting industry, our dedicated team of professionals is the one to trust for everything from regular maintenance services to appliance repairs and replacements. To learn more or schedule your appointment, get in touch with us! You can reach us online or by phone at 704-554-9595.

What Exactly Is a Prefab Chimney?

Alluded to in the name itself, a prefabricated chimney (often shortened to “prefab”) is a venting system that has been fully designed and constructed off-site in – you guessed it – a factory. Installed and utilized as an alternative to the more traditional brick masonry chimney, prefab systems simply provide a way for attached heating appliances to vent their harmful combustion fumes out of your living space.

While both kinds of chimneys are intended to perform the same function – carrying the harmful byproducts and dangerous gases out of the fireplace and your home – because of their construction, they do so a bit differently. First and foremost, the biggest difference, of course, is in material composition and appearance: masonry chimneys are built of brick or stone directly onsite, whereas prefabricated fireplaces and their attached chimneys are set up and installed later on in the construction process.

Pre-fab Chimney

But, arguably more important is the difference in the various parts and pieces of the chimney and the materials they’re made from. For instance, both chimneys require the use of a flue liner to assist with system performance and overall appliance health, but where a brick or masonry chimney typically features a terra cotta clay liner, its prefab counterpart sports one formed from metal.

Have other questions about your fireplace and/or chimney? Not sure where to even start when it comes to your hearth? Give the friendly fireplace experts at Owens Chimney Systems a call at 704-554-9595 and we’d be happy to assist you. You can also reach us online by filling out this appointment request form right here on our website.

Do Prefabricated Systems Require Annual Maintenance?

They absolutely do. They may not be constructed the same as their brick or stone counterparts, but seeing as their function is the same, the care and maintenance of the appliance must be, too. Regardless of your fireplace appliance and chosen fuel source, all chimneys are required to be swept out and cleaned at least once a year – no matter what. Industry leaders like the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) have agreed that this is the only way to safeguard against the many potential dangers associated with hearth appliances.

In fact, did you know that the overwhelming majority of chimney damage is caused by neglect and a lack of regular attention and servicing? For this reason, most homeowners’ insurance policies will not cover repair services unless the damage in question was proven to be caused by an unforeseen circumstance such as a weather disaster. So, whether you have a brick chimney or one that is prefabricated, routine, preventive services such as chimney cleanings and inspections are an absolute non-negotiable.

Not sure when your last chimney sweeping or inspection was? Not to worry – life gets busy and it can be hard to keep track! If you’re looking for a chimney sweep near Charlotte, NC, Owens Chimney Systems is the place to call. Get in touch right here through our website, or give us a call at 704-554-9595 and we’ll be happy to help.

What Is the Lifespan of a Prefab Chimney System?

You might be surprised to learn that despite the many similarities between the two different kinds of chimneys, one of the biggest differences is in overall longevity. While a correctly constructed brick masonry chimney is designed to last a lifetime, prefab fireplace systems usually require some kind of upgrade or replacement after 20-30 years.

Things like proper system operation and adequate care and maintenance habits certainly contribute to your appliance’s life expectancy, but even with all that, prefab chimneys break down over time. That’s one of the reasons it’s super important to not only stay up to date on all your preventive services, but to have a general awareness of your chimney’s appearance and performance, too. When you know how things should look/behave under normal circumstances, you also know when something is off and it’s time to call in a professional to take a look.

For Excellent All-Around Hearth Care in the Charlotte Area, Trust None Other Than Owens Chimney Systems

No matter if you’ve just begun to look into prefabricated chimney changeout services or are ready to sign on the dotted line, Owens Chimney Systems has got your back. We’re here to answer any questions you may have as well as provide professional advice to help guide you in the right direction moving forward. When it comes to fireplace care and maintenance in the Charlotte, NC, area, there is simply no better choice than Owens Chimney Systems.

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