Repairs from the Firebox to the Chimney

Repairs to your chimney can be made from the firebox to the top of the chimney stack. The most common are made at the two extreme ends of the appliance.

The firebox is exposed to extreme heat and, over time, can wear down. Though the firebricks are made to bear this heat, they can start to flake and need to be repaired or replaced. However, it’s the mortar that normally breaks down first and this can be replaced by repointing.

Repointing is a masonry skilled craft. It is the process that involves the removal of existing deteriorated mortar from the joints of a brick wall, and replacing it with new mortar for added strength and durability. This process can be used on the inside of the fireplace as well as the outside of the chimney stack.

Chimney Repairs – Before and After

What You See Might Not Be What You Get

When you look up at your chimney stack, you might think it looks great. But until you get up close and personal with the brick, you cannot see the beginnings of deterioration of the mortar joints and surface of the brick. Unless you get on the roof yourself and look, you will need to get a technician out to conduct an inspection to see this. When you know this is happening you can make better decisions as to how and when it is best to fix it. The reason the bricks wear on the stack is often due to rain, wind and extreme heat and cold. All of the materials that make up mortar and brick expand and contract, and thus wear. There are some great ways to help prevent this wear while still maintaining the proper ventilation of the brick. You might want to call us or read more about waterproofing to see if this is a good fit for your system.

Other chimney repairs Owens Chimney Systems technicians are certified to perform are work and installation for flashing, caps, crowns & dampers.


Flashing on your chimney is often the culprit and is always a part of restoring the integrity of your chimney stack.