Real Fyre Gas Logs Will Light Up Your Home With Comfort & Beauty

Choosing a new set of gas logs can be quite a challenge. You want all the convenience and efficiency of gas, but you don’t want to look at big, bulky, fake-looking logs every time you sit down to relax in front of the fire. You want realism! That’s where Real Fyre gas logs come in. These log sets are loved for their attractive and natural look. Available in vented and vent-free, Real Fyre gas logs are perfect for every homeowner who’s looking for convenience and beauty in one log set. Plus, they carry a lifetime warranty! Real Fyre gas log sets are divided up by burners. Start shopping today and let us know if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!


Vented Gas Logs

G31 Gas Log Sets

The G31 burner system is a three-tiered burner system, which gives you a nice, full flame that’s got some height to it. G31 gas log sets also use fewer BTUs. Charred oak, crest oak, split oak, which will you choose for your hearth? Those glowing embers will look great under whichever log set style you choose!

G45 Gas Log Sets

The G45 burner system is designed to highlight the front flame and glowing ember bed, which homeowners truly love. Enjoy high definition bark on your ceramic logs, and the amazing warranty you expect from all Real Fyre gas log sets. Choose from options like golden oak, coastal driftwood, rugged oak, split oak, white birch, and more.

G46 Gas Log Sets

The G46 burner system is known for producing realistic, dancing flames, glowing embers, and that toasty radiant heat you crave from your hearth. You’ll even enjoy the radiant heat after you’ve turned your log set off, which means more comfort using less fuel. Like all Real Fyre gas log sets, G46 log sets give you the truly natural and high-def look you’re wanting, so you don’t have to settle.

G52 Gas Log Sets

The G52 burner system is designed to give you those dancing flames and a whole lot of warmth. The handcrafted logs and realistic glowing embers will take your enjoyment of your fireplace to a whole new level. And as always, you’ve got plenty of options in terms of types of logs — like charred evergreen oak, burnt aspen, colonial oak, and charred evergreen split oak.

P45 Gas Log Sets

The P45 burner system provides a gorgeous flame and natural pattern while giving you control. Choose from driftwood or designer oak logs and make your hearth everything it can and should be.

Mammoth Log Sets

Looking for a log set that won’t seem so small in your hearth? A mammoth set may be best for you. These massive logs are available in pine in both standard and see-thru models.

Vent-Free Gas Logs

G8E Gas Log Sets

The G8 burner system is designed for smaller fireplaces and offers a simple, reliable, attractive log set great for a bedroom or other small setting. These oak logs are available in a 9,500 BTU or 20,000 BTU model, in sizes 16″, 20″, and 24″.

G9 Gas Log Sets

The G9 burner system makes realistic, dancing flames and beautiful embers, and adds to the comfort and warmth of the space. Enjoy 17,000 or 36,000 BTUs and 20″, 24″, and 30″ models and 24″ see-thru models. Whether you’re looking for golden oak or split oak, the G9 has you covered.

G10 Gas Log Sets

The G10 burner system series is loved by homeowners for the burnt through front log and two distinct styles. With a G10 log set, you’ll enjoy a vast ember bed, dancing flames, Bryte Coals, and incredible efficiency and beauty. These ceramic refractory log sets are available in charred frontier oak and charred aged split oak, in 16″, 18″, 24″, and 30″. Wondering about BTUs? Choose from 17,000 to 37,000. Oh, and these can be great for outdoor rooms as well!

G18 Gas Log Sets

The G18 burner system series features bolder ember beds, charred front logs, wood chunks, and hand-painted logs in charred, split, and see-thru models.

G19 Gas Log Sets

Looking for a dazzling flame and a vent-free log set that offers a realistic glowing front log and embers? Check out the G19. Available in oak and split oak.

G21 Gas Log Sets

Who says your heating appliance has to involve logs? For a more modern look that makes a statement, check out the G21 series. This burner system allows you to place gems and glass directly on the burners, so it looks like flames are dancing right out of a bed of sparkling beauty.

Have questions about any of the vented or vent-free gas log options we carry? We’d be happy to help. Give us a call!

If you are needing more than a simple gas log upgrade for your stove or fireplace system, we also offer prefabricated fireplace chang-out services.