Squirrels are not just found in public parks, and trees. They can also be found in chimneys. These animals love to go into these areas so they can feel warm, especially during the winter season. Sometimes, they become trapped in your chimney. Due to their breeding habits, they are found in your trees most often, and thus have an easy time getting to your chimney. Most people don’t want to cut their tree down, so they have to think of other ways to do so. Because these animals can be very endearing most people have no desire to harm or kill them.

To do this, you are going to need to come up with some clever tactics. You can try dropping a rope down the chimney. Squirrels are excellent climbers, and can get themselves out that way. You may also have to try using a live cage trap. Bait it with some peanut butter, and set it carefully inside the fireplace. Berries or nuts are another type of bait that can work well. By using this cage, you can avoid causing harm to the animal. You’ll need to leave the room, so that the squirrel will feel safe enough to enter the trap. Also, make sure that you will handle the squirrels well when they set off the trap. Take the trap outside, and open it while standing behind it. They will usually leave the trap immediately, but give them some time if they don’t.

Of course, the best way to avoid having squirrels, or any other animal for that matter, in your chimney is to make sure you have a chimney cap. These caps should have a barrier around them as well so even small animals cannot get through. Click here for more animal removal tips. The Humane Society has some tips for safely removing animals from your home without hurting them or you.