Do you know what the number one cause of issues with your fireplace and chimney system is? If you’re thinking creosote build-up, think again. How about obstructions, such as nests, dried papers, dried twigs, and leaves, or even dead animals? Nope.

Using the wrong type of wood or wood that hasn’t been cured long enough? No and no. The thing that can, over time, cause the most damage to your chimney is simply this: water.

The Damaging Effects of Precipitation

Rain is such a great thing when we need it… It leaves the ground green and the air smelling fresh. But rain can damage your chimney. It wears away at the brick and mortar and, if your chimney structure isn’t stable, can get in the cracks and trickle into the actual fireplace. Even a slow, indiscernible leak can cause big problems as it wears away at the interior of your chimney. If you happen to notice that the wallpaper or paint around your fireplace is starting to peel or flake, chances are you have a leak.

Other elements of your chimney can be damaged as well. Things that may happen include water trickling down, your dampers could rust, the wood surrounding your fireplace could rot, or your hearth support could collapse. By leaving the damage unrepaired, you could be looking at major chimney repairs, and that’s hard on the old pocketbook!

Protection From Rain, Sleet, and Snow

You may wonder how to protect your chimney from the effects of precipitation. After all, you can’t stop the rain from falling! You can, however, add protection to your chimney by installing a chimney cap. A chimney cap is designed to keep rain out of your chimney and to keep flying sparks or embers from getting out of your chimney and onto your roof. It has the added benefit of keeping animals out as well!

A chimney cap fits over the top of your chimney, shielding the interior from the wearing effects of precipitation. It is very important that you get the right sized chimney cap to fit your chimney so that if doesn’t interfere with draft while still keeping critters and precipitation out. So is it possible to find a chimney cap that fits your chimney exactly? You bet it is!

Custom Fitted Chimney Caps

You may worry that you won’t be able to find the perfect fitting chimney cap for your chimney. We at Owens Chimney Systems have the solution to that problem: we don’t just sell chimney caps, we manufacture them as well. We offer a wide variety of styles and sizes so that you know you have the perfect chimney cap for your chimney. If you’re not 100% sure what would work best for your home, we can offer expert advice to make sure you’re satisfied.

If you’re in the market for a chimney cap, whether as a replacement for a broken cap or because you don’t have one, Owens is the business to call. From choosing a cap to installation, we can offer you a quality experience that’ll leave your chimney protected.