Now that summer is here, you’re probably spending time thinking about all the things you’d like to do. There are so many opportunities to go out and experience things. Maybe you love to be outside and want to spend lots of time at the beach or hiking in the woods. You can also experience art and culture by visiting lots of museums and old historic homes. Maybe you’ve been waiting to start your exercise program and plan to do lots of jogging and walking this summer. Some people are anxious to get out to see what this great country has to offer and are planning a big vacation to take in the sights. However, one thing you probably aren’t thinking about is whether the air pressure in your home is balanced. It is a pretty important issue, especially if you have negative air pressure in your home.

Balanced Air Pressure

Whether you are indoors or outside, air is a pretty vital element. When you have your home built, what you are trying to accomplish is balancing air pressure by keeping the indoor air in and the outdoor air out. Even though the goal is to make your house airtight, this isn’t as easy to accomplish as you might hope. In addition, a completely airtight home isn’t necessarily a good thing. Balanced air pressure is what you are hoping to achieve.

Balanced or neutral air pressure just means that the air pressure in your home is the same as the air pressure outside of your home. If the pressure is greater on the inside, you have positive pressure; if the pressure is lower on the inside than on the outside, you have negative pressure. Unbalanced air pressure is not ideal. If you have negative pressure during these hot summer months, the warm, humid air from outside is being drawn into your house, which means high cooling bills or an uncomfortably warm home.

However, high energy bills aren’t the only problem. If that air is too moist, condensation may occur when the warm, moist air hits the cooler-temperatured surfaces in your home. More concerning than this is air quality. Warm air from outside isn’t the only thing being sucked back into your home. You will also have stale, moldy air that isn’t escaping. This can cause health issues for you, your family, or even pets.

Call Today With Air Pressure Concerns

If you’re concerned about the quality of the air in your home, give Owens Chimney Systems a call or schedule an appointment online. We can check out the air pressure in your home, determine the cause, and take care of the problem. You have too many other fun things to do this summer; let us take care of your air quality issues while you are enjoying your easy summer days!