Your fireplace is beautiful and useful and your chimney is one tough piece of masonry. However, even these things can have issues. One of the more common problems that can occur with your chimney is water leaks. Is your chimney is leaking? If so, it can cause damage both to the inside and the outside of your home.


Some of the damage that can occur to the interior of your home? Water stained walls and ceilings, rotting wall paper, and rotting wood that is connected to the fireplace. You may also notice that the doors to your fireplace might be rusting. In addition, the fireplace accessories that you keep next to your fireplace. These are all things that are visible to anyone on the inside of the house. Consequently, you may also see damage on the outside of your house.

You may notice that the mortar or the bricks on the outside of your house are decaying or crumbling. This damage is discouraging, but even more harmful could be the damage that you can’t see – the damage on the interior of your chimney. A professional chimney inspector will be able to determine if you have rusted damper assemblies, if your metal or masonry firebox assembly is damaged, or if you have collapsed hearth support. This could also cause a deteriorated central heating system. All of these things could be forerunners of some serious money spent in repair jobs.

What’s Causing the Leak?

Most times, the problems causing the leaks are the sheet metal flashings. Sheet metal flashing is located between the chimney and the roof which keeps the intersection tight. This intersection is a likely place for leaks to occur. Many times, according to the This Old House website, the flashing leaks because it wasn’t properly installed in the first place. Not only can this be a problem, but flashing, like anything else, can deteriorate over time. So, how do you stop leaks caused by flashing issues? Have your chimney inspected on a regular basis by CSIA certified professionals like ours at Owens Chimney Systems.

Chimney Flash Repair

If your chimney inspector tells you that your flashing is rusted through, or if it was improperly installed, falling out, or damaged in any other way? Then you may be advised to have new flashing installed. Another time to have new flashing installed is if you are re-shingling your house. This helps to ensure that the flashing will last as long as the new roof.

Call the Experts

Some people may try to tell you that this is a job you can handle yourself. However, unless you’re an experienced contractor, you’ll want to leave this to someone who really knows how to do the job right. The professionals at Owens Chimney Systems are CSIA certified. Plus are trained in all the latest technology and techniques. We are locally owned and operated, so our community is important to us. Call us today and we’ll get the job done right!