Fireplaces play many valuable roles in a home. They add desired warmth, they provide a cozy spot to relax, they up the resale value, and their aesthetic appeal is undeniable. That being said, a chimney and/or fireplace that’s damaged isn’t doing anybody any good. In fact, it can invite some pretty dangerous and costly issues into your home.

There are endless reasons to keep your chimney and fireplace in good working order, but here are three big ones we’d like to highlight.

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1. Improving & Maintaining Performance

There are various types of damage that could occur when it comes to your chimney. Sometimes these issues are due to neglect, sometimes bad weather is the cause, and sometimes it’s just basic decay that everyone is bound to experience.

Well, whether it’s a damaged smoke chamber, cracking in the flue liner, deterioration throughout the masonry, or something else, one thing is certain – your system’s performance is going to suffer.

If you want more effective fires, more heat in your home, and lower energy bills, count on us to ensure everything looks a-okay this winter. We can perform an in-depth chimney inspection and determine whether or not repair work is needed. It’s always better to address damages early on!

2. Ensuring Home & Family Safety

When enjoying the idyllic atmosphere of a fireplace, it’s easy to forget that you are essentially burning a fire in the middle of your house. This can obviously be done safely, but only if you keep your system in good repair all year round.

Now, sometimes we spot a hairline crack in the flue liner that homeowners feel is likely insignificant. After all, what trouble can one tiny little crack cause? In these situations, it’s important to remember that when we spot this damage, your chimney is still cold. When you light a fire and things warm, the crack will expand, thus exposing your home to a wide range of hazardous fumes (think smoke, carbon monoxide, and more).

Another thing to remember is that your chimney is surrounded by flammable materials. If there isn’t an effective layer of protection between your woodwork and the flue, it’s only a matter of time before a house or chimney fire occurs.

What causes your woodwork to be fine one day and on fire the next? Well, as heat transfers through the chimney, the ignition temperature of the wood becomes lower and lower. This means that while it once took 250 degrees to light that wood, it now takes well under 200 degrees.

Now, some areas can’t be seen without performing a level 3 inspection. While these are less common, they are still necessary from time to time. And if you need one completed, it’s imperative your sweep knows what they’re doing! Count on us for it all. We’re certified with the CSIA and can perform all levels of inspections, so you’ll be set, no matter what.

3. Avoiding Major (More Expensive) Damage

When it comes to your chimney, damages don’t just stay the same until you address them. The longer you put off care, the worse everything will get. Eventually, you’re bound to experience major damage, such as a chimney collapse, a settlement, a chimney fire, or even a house fire.

In the end, minor repairs done over time are the safer (and less expensive) investment. If you keep the interior in good condition and the exterior protected and waterproofed, it’ll give you that peace of mind you’re seeking. A simple inspection will help prevent those major disasters from ever occurring. Call now or schedule online!

What Can I Do to Prevent Damage?

Like we’ve said, annual inspections are a must when it comes to spotting damage and stopping it in its tracks. Getting a professional’s eye on the flue interior is the only way to ensure there are no cracks, decay, clogs, or deterioration. Water damage can take a toll in a hurry, so noting it is vital.

Is it possible to avoid water damage in the first place? There are definitely steps you can take to prevent it. The number one type of preventive maintenance we can suggest is waterproofing. The biggest enemy of a masonry structure is water intrusion, and waterproofing safeguards your brick and mortar for the long haul.

Waterproofing also stops your chimney from experiencing the freeze/thaw cycle. This is when your bricks soak in water then expand and crack as the water freezes. When the water melts, your masonry settles, and the more this happens, the worse things get.

Here in the Carolinas, we get around 40 freeze/thaw cycles annually, so if you want to preserve the chimney, investing in waterproofing services from the team here at Owens Chimney Systems is a must.

Don’t Wait – Call Today!

It’s not too late to guarantee a safer burning season for you and your family. The staff at Owens Chimney Systems is dedicated to staying as educated and as informed as possible, ensuring we always get things done right the first time around. Don’t wait to call on our crew. We’re here and eager to help you out!