Everything has a breaking point. When you buy furniture, vehicles, appliances, clothing, or any other product, you can count on the fact that, at some point, it will eventually break down or wear out. Even something as durable and long-lasting as your chimney will eventually show some chinks or cracks. Granted, some parts are more durable than others, but even the strongest areas will eventually need some type of repair to keep it in top condition and safe for use. One essential part of your chimney system is the chimney liner, and there’s no doubt it’s important to keep up with its maintenance.

Purpose of the Chimney Liner

Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) define a flue liner as “A clay, ceramic, or metal conduit installed inside of a chimney, intended to contain the combustion products, direct them to the outside atmosphere, and protect the chimney walls from heat and corrosion.” It is an very important component of your chimney system for several reasons. For one thing, if correctly sized, it can increase the efficiency of your fireplace, which can help cut down your heating bills.

Another function of the chimney liner fills is to protect the masonry of your chimney from the acidic gases that are a byproduct of your fire, which travel up your chimney in the form of smoke. These gases can actually eat away at the masonry of your chimney, causing structural damage. Chimney liner can also help with heat transfer. Without a flue liner, heat can easily be transferred from the chimney itself to combustible objects that are placed near the fireplace, including woodwork. Without a flue liner, you could be putting your family in danger of a devastating home fire .

Cracks in Your Liner

It’s easy to see the importance that a chimney liner fills in protecting your home and helping you to keep your energy bills low. The trouble is, sometimes liners can crack and break down from usage and high heat levels. It’s important to keep your chimney’s flue liner properly maintained. When you have your chimney inspected, we may tell you that it’s time for some repair work, and this is one repair job that you don’t want to put off until a later time.

Golden Flue

At Owens Chimney Systems, when we repair your flue liner, we use a product called Golden Flue. This top quality product is a masonry chimney lining mix that is used to reline chimney flues, old or new. It is even safe to use in restoring historic chimneys. One quality that makes this product so effective is that it can withstand the high temperatures of the chimneys. Another component of Golden Flue is a small amount of air entrainment. Because your chimney goes from high temperatures to low temperatures, some contraction and expansion is normal. The air entrainment will allow for this to occur without breaking or cracking the liner.

If you think you may have chimney liner issues, give Owens Chimney Systems a call. We use the best product to ensure your liner is repaired and safe!