In a nutshell, a Golden Flue chimney liner is a fireproof chimney liner made from volcanic rock. It is extremely lightweight because volcanic rock contains lots of tiny air pockets. For this same reason, it provides great thermal insulation.

Golden Flue Chimney Liner

A Golden Flue chimney liner bonds together loose masonry within the chimney in one continuous piece. This means greater structural integrity and strength for all the bricks and joints of the chimney. It also seals any gaps or defects that might be present. It prevents the excessive transfer of heat through the masonry that surrounds the chimney, which is the cause of many fires. Additionally, it maintains a constant flue gas temperature which creates a continual draw lifting smoke up the chimney and out of the house.

Other benefits of a Golden Flue chimney liner include a reduction of flue gas condensation and the buildup of flammable tars inside the chimney. In short, it makes your fireplace more efficient and less hazardous. It also vents the toxic fumes given off by burning wood and pre-treated logs, carrying them away from the structure without any leakage into the walls. Finally, a Golden Flue chimney liner can correct an improperly sized flue, which leads to inadequate draw, and provide maximum draft.

Chimney fires can lead to the deterioration of the chimney itself by evaporating the water in bonding agents, causing the mortar to loosen and fall. A continuous bond is created with a Golden Flue chimney liner, sealing cracks, holes, and joints with one sheet that stretches from top to bottom. This also makes maintenance easy, with nothing more than a brush required to sweep away soot.

What is a Golden Flue chimney liner? A reliable way to improve draft, reduce the likelihood of a chimney fire, repair defects, and remove toxic gases from the home. This lightweight, effective product offers the best available defense against heat transfer and a low maintenance chimney.