As appealing as they are to some, fireplaces are not for everyone, and some may decide to brick theirs up. Since these areas may contain combustible creosote and there will no longer be access to them, a professional chimney sweep must first clean the fireplace and chimney. He will then remove some components of the system and seal off the chimney.

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This involves removing the chimney cap and chase cover, as well as cleaning out any debris in the fireplace. The damper will be closed and the flue will be blocked, removed at the top and sealed off. That can be accomplished with a sheet of metal, properly sealed to keep out rain and water from melting snow.

An air brick has to be put among the bricks that are used to cover the fireplace. This is in order for air to continue to flow so that moisture does not collect. When the job is finished and the brick is being plastered over, it is important to remember not to cover the air brick.

Your chimney professional should be trained for both the chimney work and the masonry involved in bricking over a fireplace. Definitely not a job for do-it-yourselfers, closing up a fireplace requires professional attention and skill. If done incorrectly, moisture and water can enter your home as can cold air, causing homeowners to spend more on heat.

Attention to all of the important details is assured when a fireplace professional bricks over your fireplace. He will not forget to cap the chimney, allowing birds and small animals to make their way into it. He will not forget that the air brick needs to breathe, or that a scratched thin coat of cement will allow the plaster to adhere to the bricks. He will do the job thoroughly and well and you will be pleased that you called in a professional.