Winter is over, and along with it, those cozy nights of relaxing in front of a crackling fire and letting go of all those aches and concerns of a long day. Now that spring is here, a whole new kind of fun is just waiting to be experienced! We look forward to spending evenings outdoors, enjoying time at the beach, or just walking around a beautiful park after a picnic dinner. Or maybe you are looking forward to starting a new fitness program, and these beautiful spring days are just the impetus you need to get that ball rolling. It’s time to clean out your closets, empty the attic, open up the windows, and let that sweet spring air in to freshen up the whole house. If you’re looking forward to spring, but also feel a bit nostalgic for those easy, cozy winter evenings, there is something you can do that will keep that feeling going while you enjoy the beauty of spring and summer weather. That’s picking out the wood that you’ll burn all winter long!

What Smell Are You Looking For?

Did you know that different types of wood can offer different aromas? What a fun way to bring a special feel to winter evenings! For example, in the crisp autumn weather, it’s nice to have a slow burning fire, and if it has a great scent, how much better is that! A great wood for this is apple wood; it has a nice fruity scent. Another fruity wood that burns slowly and smells great is cherry wood. On the other hand, if you want a quick burning fire, burning birch wood will be a great pick, and it has a pleasant aroma as well.

As the weather gets even colder, you’ll want to make sure that you use a long-burning hardwood so you can enjoy the fire for an even longer time. For this, oak is an ideal pick. Walnut is another great hardwood with the added benefit of not producing too much smoke. If you’re going for a wintery smell, burn a little pine, but you won’t want to burn this too regularly as it can leave a bit of a sticky residue. Using it for kindling will give a nice, Christmasy scent.

Make Sure It’s Well Seasoned

No matter what type of wood you’re burning, the most important thing is to make sure it’s well-seasoned. This is why you need to start thinking of this early in the spring season. You’ll want to cut your firewood now so that it has time to dry out and lose the water content that will otherwise cause a smokier fire and a heavier creosote build-up.

No matter what type of wood you burn, some creosote build-up is inevitable. That’s where we come in. When you call Owens Chimney Systems, you know you can count on our professionals to clean out any creosote build-up you may have accumulated over the winter months. Give us a call today to set up an early cleaning and enjoy the rest of your summer.