Fireplaces have been giving people pleasure for years. Early in our country’s history, homes were heated by crackling fires in the fireplace, but no one ever claimed that these fireplaces were efficient or even that effective. Over time, as furnaces became the way to heat homes, fireplaces became more of a luxury used as a place of comfort, but not used for heating a home. In recent years, however, fireplaces have undergone many transformations, and they are not only decorative but can add real value in the form of helping to heat your home.

Gas Burning Appliances

One trend in 21st-century heating appliances is using gas as a heat source. This can include gas stoves, gas inserts, or even gas fireplaces. But what are the benefits of using gas? One of the obvious advantages of gas as a heating source is convenience. You don’t have gather logs or clean up their mess after. Push a button and the flame appears. Gas is also a relatively cheap fuel source. For some people, the inexpensive convenience is great. But the best reason for burning natural gas is the effect that gas has on the environment.

According to Project Greenify, “the dirty truth is that wood burning fireplaces emit 28 lbs of particulate emissions per MMBtu(s) of heat output (soot and ash) as opposed to natural gas which produces up to 99% less (about .28 lbs/MMBtu). This means that natural gas fireplaces pose less of a risk of in-home air pollution or smoking out one’s neighbors as well.” In today’s world, this is something that everyone needs to take into consideration.

Converting Your Current Fireplace

The question that you might be asking is, can my current non-efficient fireplace be converted to a more money and heating efficient appliance? The answer is yes. Your fireplace can be converted to whatever type of fuel you’re interested in using: pellets, propane, or natural gas. A properly fitted insert causes your fireplace to actually facilitate combustion. This means you will be able to use your fireplace to actually heat your room without worrying about heat escaping up your chimney.

Call Owens Chimney Systems

If you’re looking to convert your fireplace to a more efficient heating source, call us at Owens Chimney Systems. Whether it’s adding a gas insert into a pre-existing fireplace or doing a total remodel by adding a gas fireplace or gas stove, you can count on us to give you great advice on what will work best in your home. And after you’ve made a decision, you can trust our professionalism and expertise to install your new product. Call us and you’ll soon be enjoying your fireplace without worrying about your money going right up to the chimney!