Ten Reasons Chimney Swept Image - Charlotte NC - Owens ChimneyHave you still not had your chimney swept even though it’s overdue? If the strong recommendation for annual cleanings from the National Fire Protection Association isn’t enough to convince you, here are 10 more reasons.

Your teenage son said he’s embarrassed to have friends over because the chimney smells.

Odor is one of the first signs that your chimney needs cleaning. This is a buildup from gases, debris, fungus and mildew. So if your teenage son, who hasn’t cleaned his room in [fill in the blank] weeks, is embarrassed by the smell coming from your chimney, then you know a sweeping is long overdue!

You have a gas fireplace so you think your chimney doesn’t need cleaning.

Even though natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel, gas and propane burning appliances still give off gasses and deposits that accumulate in the chimney, eventually producing the same kind of hazards as a wood burner.

You’re putting your house up for sale and want to show your home at its best.

You’re cleaning closets, repainting rooms, and sprucing up the outside. Don’t neglect the showpiece of your home. It is a positive sign to prospective buyers that you tend regularly to your chimney.

There are strange rustling and scratching noises coming from your chimney.

Birds nest and animals, such as raccoons and squirrels, seek shelter in chimneys. Don’t handle this yourself. Professionally-trained chimney sweeps know how to remove and handle wildlife from chimneys.

You think your wife is popping popcorn but the popping noise is coming from your chimney and, sadly, it has nothing to do with popcorn.

It’s really nothing to joke about when you hear popping coming from your chimney. At this point, creosote and other debris have built up to such a level that your chimney is becoming a fire hazard.

The black around your fireplace is soot, not decorative painting.

When you see this, you really are playing with fire. You have been burning fires too hot and too high, and possibly with woods and other substances that are not safe to burn. A professional chimney technician will review how to create a fire safely in your fireplace.

Your 5-year old thinks it’s 4th of July when sparks fly from your fireplace.

Again, it’s not a laughing matter when your fireplace begins sparking. Burning inappropriate items, burning too hot and too high, combined with creosote buildup make this a dangerous firebox.

There is so much soot accumulating on your chimney, your neighbors are afraid you’re painting your house black.

This is another sign that your chimney has not been cleaned in a long time and is a hazard to your home and family.

You secretly test your carbon monoxide detector because you know a filthy chimney gives off deadly gasses.

Creosote buildup can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. You know this, but for some reason, delay a professional sweeping. As long as your carbon monoxide detector is working properly, you’ll be okay, right? Wrong.

You secretly test your fire detector because you know a filthy chimney can catch on fire.

A properly working fire detector can get you up and out of the house in time to save your life, but why play with your life when you can call a professional and eliminate the hazard?

And if you need an 11th reason, here it is: you have CSIA-certified Owens Chimney Systems to get the job done. Why are you waiting? Contact us today to have your chimney cleaned by professionals you can count on!