Gas Logs Servicing Image - Charlotte NC - Owens Chimney SystemsHave you recently moved into a home with an existing gas line? Maybe you finally converted to gas for a more efficient, environmentally-friendly heating option. That’s not the end, however. To maintain both efficiency and safety, those gas logs need to be regularly serviced.

Gas logs offer the look and warmth of a wood burning fireplace, and if you have ever had a traditional fireplace, you know that regular cleaning and service is mandatory. In addition to placing carbon monoxide detectors in your home, include regular servicing of gas logs in your home budget. Regardless of the type of gas logs you use, the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends annual inspection.

Vented Logs

If you have vented logs, you know how cozy they make the house look and feel. They look just like a wood-burning fireplace. These logs also produce soot and carbon just like wood, and you want to prevent buildup, a thorough chimney cleaning is needed. The pilot light and burners need cleaning. The sand and embers also need to be checked for moisture. If they get wet, they need to be replaced. You also want to have the burner pan checked.

Vent-free logs

For vent-free logs, cleaning before seasonal use of the system ensures that each part is free of debris allowing easy ignition and the gas to flow safely. It’s important to have a trained technician service the logs because there a number of small but important details involved, such as proper placement of the logs and the tiny areas to clean to make sure all the debris is eliminated. Soot with vent-free logs is a warning sign that indicates the ports may be clogged or the logs have been jarred and are not in their exact spot.

Whether you have vented or vent-free logs, Owens Chimney service is ready and prepared to service your system. Our motto is “We do the job right the first time.” We are CSIA trained and certified, and are proud to be accredited since 1993 by the Better Business Bureau. We maintain important memberships in CSIA, the National Chimney Sweep Guild, the North Carolina Chimney Sweep Association, and the South Carolina Chimney Sweep Guild to stay fresh on training, developments, and legislation and show our competence and commitment to our customers and industry.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to service your gas log system to keep it running smoothly and your home safe.