Building a safe and good fire in your fireplace is a matter of tactics and method. Once you follow the proper methods and keep in mind the precautions that you need to take, a safe fire can be the easiest thing to build. Now, there is a check-list that you must complete before you start venturing into making a safe fire in your fireplace. Let us take a look at them:

  • Get your chimney inspected and cleaned so that there is no excessive creosote buildup.
  • Get rid of the old ash pile that has accumulated from a previous fire.
  • You must have the damper open. Whether it is a throat damper or a top damper, it should be open.

Once you have finished taking care of the above mentioned items, you can start preparing the base of the fire. You must use a couple of sheets of paper (crumpled) and put them in the fireplace grate, which helps in drawing in the air and then sends the smoke up the chimney with a good supply of air. You must then place wood strips on the paper. Make sure that the wood strips are in abundance. Most people use natural wood or fatwood, which is chemical free. On top of this layer you must now make a crisscross pattern of hardwood. This layer need not be too thick; only a basic layer will do.

Now comes the final part where you must light the fire. Crumple a couple of paper sheets and light them. Hold the papers inside the fireplace so that the flue warms up and an upward air flow is established. Then you must light the crumpled paper sheets in the fireplace grate. When the fire transfers to the hardwood, add a couple of split fire wood pieces. You must place the wood in a manner that it will reflect the heat to the rest of the room.

A fire usually emits fire sparks. You can place a screen to avoid these sparks from flying around. You can master the art of lighting a fire with time and practice.