Restaurants with wood-fired ovens or fireplaces impart not only special flavor to their food but a special ambience to the dining experience. Fireplaces in ski resort eateries create the atmosphere we want to end a day on the slopes, bringing people together around a cozy fire. Wood-fired ovens bring their own unique energy and imagery to upscale restaurants and pizza joints alike, leaving their smoky signature on flavorful foods. Definitely appreciated by patrons, fireplaces and wood-fired ovens in restaurants are a great idea as long as their chimneys are well maintained by professional sweeps.

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Creosote Buildup Is Well Fed by a Restaurant’s Wood Fires

A restaurant’s wood fires are kept going much longer than those in a home fireplace or wood-burning stove. Typically in use for most of every day, a restaurant’s ovens work all shifts and send a lot of heated air up their chimneys in smoke. With even more responsibility for safety than homeowners have, restaurateurs need to schedule regular chimney cleanings by a professional sweep.

As is true for all fireplace systems, the accumulation of creosote in a restaurant’s chimneys has to be arrested and corrected. Cleanings can be done while the restaurant is closed and do not need to interfere with business. That is a far cry from what happens if a fire starts in the chimney of a restaurant.

Playing With Fire Is No Fun for Anyone

Getting so much more use, a restaurant’s chimney is plagued by a much faster buildup of creosotes than a standard fireplace chimney. This is the soot and tarry substances that collects on the walls of chimneys, and it is highly flammable. Allowing it to remain in chimneys is literally playing with fire and asking it to burn down the home or restaurant.

While a restaurant’s wood-fired ovens are largely self-cleaning, burning off spills of grease and dripping fat, their chimneys are another matter. Professional chimney sweeps quickly and efficiently remove creosote from the flues of restaurant chimneys, insuring the safety of patrons and staff. There is no need to start a fire in the chimney to have the latest hot restaurant in town.