Chimney Sweep Lighting Fire Image - Charlotte NC - Owens Chimney SystemsIt’s a chilly Friday night and you and your family have been sitting in the stands at the stadium for hours watching the game. You’re all too happy to be home to warm up. Popcorn is popping and there is some discussion over what movie to watch as you start a fire. You light the kindling and step away to begin the movie and smokes starts streaming out. As you hurry the family outside, you run through the steps you took before lighting the wood. You know you opened the damper so that’s not the problem. What else could it be?

Easy Answers

The answer is simple and so is the solution. The chimney hasn’t been cleaned in years and the buildup can clog your chimney flue, and possibly, generate a fire. A chimney, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), helps keep your home “breathable”, with the specific function of moving noxious gases out of your home as the fire burns. Without regular cleaning, creosote builds up along the sides clogging that line of egress. The solution: Make sure you have your chimney swept before you light a fire this season.

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A dirty chimney and the cleaning can’t be seen, so it’s understandable that homeowners are unsure if the work is needed and if it’s actually being done. The professionals at Owens Chimney Systems can put your mind as ease. We are trained and certified by CSIA and locally owned and operated since 1989 so what our customers think of us is important.
We know that you are concerned about the dirt and grime involved in a sweeping, and none of it — none — will end up on your floors or walls. Your system will be cleaned from the firebox to the top of the chimney. We use several tools depending which part we are cleaning: brushes with rods for the flue, hand brushes for the firebox and smoke chamber. A vacuum with HEPA filters contains dust and grime. We will also check the damper to make sure that it is working properly. We conduct a visual inspection of the exterior noting any areas for repair. And to make sure that you know what is happening, we offer a written evaluation and photos.

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Don’t underestimate the importance of having your chimney swept by a qualified, trained professional. CSIA urges homeowners to schedule chimney sweepings annually. Contact us today at Owens Chimney Systems to schedule your appointment for a chimney sweeping and get your fireplace ready for the cold nights ahead.