There are people who think that a chimney cap is an optional accessory. If you want ultimate protection for your chimney, however, you will not consider doing without this vital piece of a chimney’s anatomy. A chimney cap works in several ways to keep your chimney strong and running efficiently.

Running More Efficiently

A chimney cap can help your chimney to run more efficiently because it can help to block a downdraft of wind that can cause smoke or cold air to be pushed back down your chimney. The shape of the chimney cap are designed to block wind from being directed into your chimney, and this will increase efficiency and keep that cold air from entering your home .

Keeping Precipitation Out

Another important role that your chimney cap plays is to keep precipitation out. Although this may not seem like such a big deal, precipitation can play a big role in the breakdown of the structure of your chimney. Rain can contain acidic qualities, and this can cause the brick and mortar of your fireplace to breakdown. But acid aside, precipitation can cause your mortar to weaken as it sneaks into the pores of the mortar, causing it to soften and flake A chimney cap is a vital defense against the damaging effects of precipitation.

Keeping Animals Out

Another way that a chimney cap can keep your chimney safe is by keeping animals out. Your chimney is a great place for animals to hunker down or escape from predators. Even if the animals or birds eventually move out, they leave that dry nest behind. This can cause a dangerous condition to occur; as sparks from your fire float up the chimney, they can catch in that dry tinder and cause a chimney fire to occur. Sometimes chimney fires happen unbeknownst to you because there often isn’t enough oxygen flow to sustain the fire. This causes structural damage to your chimney and using your fireplace after this causes even more damage. At Owens Chimney Systems, we know what the signs of chimney fire look like and will be able to diagnose problems and recommend solutions before structural damage gets out of hand.

Keeping Sparks In

Another positive thing that a chimney cap helps with is keeping stray sparks or embers in your chimney. If a spark or ember gets out of your chimney and lands on your dry shingles, you could have a roaring house fire on your hands. The devastation this could cause is indescribable and something that you don’t want to put yourself or your family through.

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