When you are looking for someone to work on your chimney, it is important that you hire a person who is qualified and certified to work on chimneys and fireplaces, but how do you know whether or not this person meets these standards? One of the most essential things to look for is the certification from The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the non-profit organization that devotes itself to educating the public and chimney professionals about chimney safety. At Owens Chimney Systems, all of our chimney sweeps are certified by the CSIA, and you can trust our training and experience to provide you with the best chimney services in the Charlotte, NC area. We would like to share with you some more advice from the CSIA  about questions you should ask when hiring a chimney technician.

CSIA chimney sweep - charlotte nc - owens chimney systems
How long has the chimney company been in business?

This question is important because the longer a chimney company has been established, the more you can trust them to treat you fairly. Many scam artists set up new chimney sweep “companies” each week in order to continue ripping customers off. Owens Chimney Services has been serving the chimney needs of residents of the Charlotte area since 1989.

Does the company offer current references?

You want to be sure you can read reviews of the company’s recent services. You can find current reviews of Owens Chimney Systems on our Yelp page, and we are happy to provide you with even more references from recent and repeat customers.

Does the company have unresolved complaints filed within the city or state consumer protection agency or Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

You definitely want to know the answer to this question before you hire a chimney company to work on your chimney. Owens Chimney Services is proud to have no complaints filed with the local or state consumer protection agency or the BBB. We are even prouder to be a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating.

Does the company or individual carry a valid business liability insurance policy to protect your home and furnishings against accidents?

The answer to this question is very important to know before you hire anyone to work in your home. Without insurance, you have no recourse in the case of an accident. Owens Chimney Services does carry this type of insurance policy, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about this policy.

If you have any chimney or fireplace needs, contact us at Owens Chimney Services. You can trust us to take care of any issues you may have, including sweeping and inspecting your chimney.