If you have a fireplace that uses gas logs as a fire source, you know how convenient this form of heating is. In fact, convenience is probably one of the big reasons you were sold on the idea of installing gas logs. With just a flip of the switch, you can be sitting in front of a glowing fire and when you’re ready to turn in for the evening all it takes if another flip of the switch to turn it off. No need to worry about cutting and storing wood, tending the fire all evening, and cleaning up afterwards. What could be easier and more cozy that this? And if you are thinking that gas logs aren’t natural looking, then you haven’t seen the newest in gas logs. In the past, the flame looked anemic and pale, and maybe you’re even thinking of a hissing noise that sometimes accompanied that flame. Today’s logs are natural looking, and offer several different styles so that you can pick what you want to complete the ambiance you’re looking for.

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You’d think with such a convenient method of having a fire, there wouldn’t be many problems. But gas logs do have their share of problems. First, gas logs can sometimes make some strange noises as they are burning. This can be either a low, rumbling kind of noise or a screechy type of noise. Most of the time this means nothing, but it is a good idea to have it checked out. Owens Chimney Systems have experience in detecting problems with gas logs and know how to fix those problems as well.

One good thing about gas logs is that there is a glass door between you and the fire. This makes it more safe, especially if there are little ones around. But it doesn’t take long and that glass can get cloudy, especially if you use your fireplace a lot. Regular glass cleaners aren’t very effective on this kind of grit, but there are special paste cleaners that can clear things up in a hurry. Just rub the paste on, let it sit a few minutes, and wipe it clean again. You’ll be enjoying your fire through a nice, clean glass door in no time at all!

Another problem that might come up is an odor issue. If you start to smell a strange odor coming from your fireplace, don’t mess around – call in the professionals immediately. This might be a dangerous situation for you and your family.

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Gas logs are a great alternative to a traditional wood fire, offering warmth, beauty, and convenience. But if troubles arise, you want to make sure you call in the best in the business to fix it Call Owens Chimney Systems and we’ll make sure that your fireplace is back up and running, safely and efficiently, in no time at all!