There is nothing like a fireplace in the middle of winter. When the days get cold and the nights are long, it’s so cozy to cuddle up by the fire. If it’s a wood fire, there is a lot of work required before, during, and after the fire. If you gather your own firewood, you need to find available trees, chop the wood, bring it home and let it cure for at least six months. Then brought into the house when you’re ready to burn. Getting the fire going is a chore, and you’ll need to keep it going throughout the night. Although this may be part of your relaxing evening, sometimes that’s just too much work. If you’ve been thinking that your fireplace needs an update, you may want to consider converting to a gas appliance.

When you call Owens Chimney Systems, we can give you options on different types of gas heating appliances, from gas fireplaces,  to gas inserts, or maybe even a gas stove.

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience!Gas Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts

When it comes to converting to gas, the number one reason to consider it is for the sake of convenience! Once we have it set up, all it will take is a flip of a switch to get that fire glowing, and you’ll be on the couch with your feet up, relaxing, in no time at all. And when you’re ready to turn in for the night, just flip the switch to off and the flame is gone; no worrying about making sure the coals are cool before hitting the sack.

If you’re thinking that gas fires aren’t realistic looking, then you haven’t seen today’s gas systems. Gone is the pale blue, flickery flame. Today’s gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts look real and give off nice heat. You’ll be impressed with how natural and welcoming your gas appliance is.

Environmentally Friendly

Another great benefit of a gas appliance is that it’s much more environmentally friendly. Compared to wood or pellet stoves, it’s been found that gas burning appliances are better for the environment than these other heating sources. These days, it’s more important than ever to make sure that our environment stays healthy and green!

Call Owens Chimney Systems

If you’ve decided it’s time to make the switch to gas, then you know it’s time to give Owens Chimney Systems a call. We can safely install your gas system in no time to ensure the job will be done correctly. You’ll be enjoying the warmth and comfort of your new system in no time!