Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning Image - Charlotte NC - Owens Chimney Systems Inc.To keep your clothes dryer working efficiently for a long time, you should be scheduling a professional dryer vent cleaning every year. When the dryer vent is dirty and clogged, your appliance is unable to work properly. Many homeowners are unaware of the need for this annual maintenance service, but neglecting to have your dryer vent cleaned does more than hurt the performance of your dryer. If your dryer vent is clogged, you are at an increased risk of an accidental dryer fire, which could be deadly and destructive. Owens Chimney Systems is proud to provide professional dryer vent cleaning services to residents of the Charlotte, NC area, and you can trust us to do the job properly because our certified dryer vent technicians have received training from the Chimney Safety Institute of America Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician (C-DET) program. We would like to tell you more about the benefits of having your dryer vent professionally cleaned.

Prolong The Life Of Your Dryer

When the dryer vent is clogged, it causes the clothes dryer to overheat because it cannot exhaust the hot air out of the dryer. An overheating dryer causes a great deal of stress on important components of the appliance, which leads to these parts wearing out earlier than they should. If the heating element of a clothes dryer breaks down, it can be very expensive to repair or replace. You may even have to buy a new clothes dryer. An annual professional dryer vent cleaning extends the life of your dryer and makes it work as efficiently as it did when you first purchased it.

Prevent Dryer Fires

According to the US Fire Administration, clothes dryers are responsible for 2,900 residential fires every year and result in approximately five deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. The majority of these clothes dryer fires were caused by dirty dryer vents, which proves that a professional dryer vent cleaning reduces the risk of a dryer fire. Owens Chimney Systems will remove all of the lint and other debris from your dryer vent so that your clothes dryer is no longer a fire hazard.

Save Energy and Money

One of the warning signs of a clogged dryer vent is when your clothes are still damp after a full drying cycle. Since a clogged vent cannot properly exhaust the damp air from inside the dryer, you will have to run your dryer for another cycle to completely dry the clothes. Using your dryer twice as long as normal is costly. After a professional dryer vent cleaning from Owens Chimney Systems, you will see a decrease in your utility bills.

Keep your clothes dryer running safely and efficiently. Contact us at Owens Chimney Systems to schedule your appointment for a professional dryer vent cleaning today.