Why Would Someone Need Firebox Replacement?


It is difficult for many homeowners to imagine why they would ever need to invest in firebox replacement. When most people buy their homes, they imagine that they are buying a permanent fireplace. However, there are some situations in which it might be necessary for a homeowner to install an entirely new firebox in their home.

Firebox - Charlotte NC - Owens Chimney Systems

Firebox – Charlotte NC – Owens Chimney Systems

It may be necessary to have firebox replacement or to have a firebox installed for the first time if the home has a prefabricated fireplace. These units are similar to a range that would be found in a kitchen and were not intended for last for the entire life of the home. If a home is purchased with this type of fireplace, the owners should be aware that they would most likely need to replace it at some point in time.

Another reason that the firebox may need to be replaced is if it is damaged in some way. This is most likely to occur in the case of extreme weather, such as a hurricane or a tornado. If the structure of the firebox is compromised, it may not work the way it is supposed to. Similarly, it may become unsafe for use if it is exposed to an unusual amount of water. In these cases, simple repairs may not be possible and a total replacement may be necessary.

Like any other fixture in the home, a firebox will need to be replaced with age. If someone purchases a home that was built more than forty years prior, they should be prepared for the possibility that the fireplace will eventually need to be replaced. No structure in the home is intended to last forever and it can be dangerous to try to use the firebox past its intended life span.

It is possible that some homeowners will never find themselves in a situation that requires them to replace their firebox. It is also possible that you may have to make this reinvestment in your home in order to maintain a good working order. Even if there is no specific damage to the firebox, old age will eventually make it necessary to replace the structure.