What’s the purpose of a chimney cap? Well, the name says it all! A cap is something you put on top of something to keep it covered, like a baseball cap on your head keeps the sun off and keeps your hair in place on a windy day. You put a cap on a pipe to keep it covered so water doesn’t get out. The radiator cap keeps the coolant in your vehicle’s radiator. A chimney cap does the same thing; it covers your chimney so that nothing can get in.

Chimney Crown vs Chimney CapChimney caps protect your chimney from water and debris.

Your chimney has a crown. This is the concrete piece on the very top of the bricks of your chimney. It is designed in a special way to keep precipitation from entering your chimney. The sides are sloped down so that when the precipitation hits, it will move away from the chimney opening. It also overhangs the brick and mortar structure of your chimney by at least two inches so that the precipitation isn’t directed towards the area where the chimney meets the roof, a spot that would be especially susceptible to leaking. This design works very well to protect your home from leakage. You may have noticed, however, that there is no mention of the actual chimney opening being covered. That’s where a chimney cap comes in.

Chimney Caps Are Added Protection

A chimney cap sits right on top of the chimney crown. It has four side and a metal top that is sloped downwards, which directs precipitation down to the sloped sides of the chimney crown. You might be wondering how the smoke gets out if there is a cap on top of the crown. A chimney cap has grid-like side, which allows smoke to escape while keeping animals, birds, floating debris, and dried leave and twigs out of the chimney. This helps prevent dangerous blockages that could catch a spark from your fire and develop into a chimney fire.

A chimney cap is an important addition to any chimney. If precipitation is allowed in, it can eat away at the mortar and cause damage to the structural integrity of your chimney. It can cause loosened bricks, rusted dampers, and a musty smell. If serious enough, leaks can cause the ceiling around your fireplace to become weak and stained, and the wall around the fireplace to be soft and rotted. A chimney cap is an easy and inexpensive way to avoid major repairs.

Call Owens Chimney Systems

For a chimney cap to be effective, it must fit properly. A chimney cap can also come in different styles. For a proper fit and just the right style to match the look you want for your home, call Owens Chimney Systems. We custom make our own chimney caps out of copper or stainless steel, so you can get the exact chimney cap your chimney needs to protect your home from the damaging effects of precipitation. Give us a call today for a consultation!