Another summer is past and it’s time for all the fun activities that fall brings. Football season, school days, the World Series, apple picking, and pumpkin carving. That’s not all! There are bonfires and hot dog roasts, s’mores and cool fall weather which calls for a soft, warm sweatshirt to take the chill out. Pretty soon you’ll be building a fire in the fireplace to warm up. So the question is, did you remember to have your annual chimney inspection and cleaning completed this summer? Sometimes in the busy-ness of summer, it’s easy to put those big jobs off, but this is one job that you’ll want to make sure that you complete with the fall weather right around the corner. Those living in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas are fortunate to have Owens Chimney Systems in the region! This Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified company has been in the business for almost thirty years, and when it comes to chimney inspections, we know what we’re doing.Ladder leaning against house for a chimney inspection

Why Inspection is Important

You may think that it’s not such a big deal to have your fireplace system inspected annually. After all, there aren’t any huge problems, so why not just let it sit for another year or two? One of the big reasons to have your chimney system inspected on an annual basis is for just that reason. Those little problems can become big problems pretty quickly. A little crack in the chimney crown, if left over a winter of wind and cold precipitation, can become a big crack, and that could cause major leaking issues. This can be caused by the freeze thaw cycle. When precipitation hits your chimney, it gets into the pores of the bricks and mortar, and it gets into any little cracks as well. This moisture just sits there, and when the temperature drops and the precipitation freezes, it expands, which increases the size of the pores and cracks as well. If you call Owens Chimney Systems now, before that cycle is allowed to continue all winter long, we can seal up any cracks so they don’t get bigger and harder to handle.

When Owens Chimney Systems handles your annual chimney inspection, cracks are just one of the things we’ll be looking for. We’ll also be inspecting for any areas of wear to the mortar, any rusty mechanisms that aren’t working smoothly, any areas that appear to be leaking, or any other trouble areas. When you call today to set up your fall inspection, we’ll have plenty of time to do any necessary repairs so that you’ll be able to use your fireplace all winter long. Don’t spend this winter wishing you could use your fireplace; give us a call and make sure that you can enjoy hours of toasty winter fire enjoyment!