There are lots of things to do every season. Hot summer days call for laying on sandy beaches, picnics in the park, and long hikes through shady woods. During autumn weather, you think of walking through colored leaves, building fires out of dry twigs, and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the open fire. Winter brings cold weather sports like snow tubing, holiday celebrations, and cozy nights in front of blazing fires. And spring? Well, spring is a time of refreshment and renewal, picking the first sweet-smelling flower blossoms, planting your garden and waiting for those first plants to pop through the surface, and enjoying those warm spring breezes. Another thing about spring is getting the house all cleaned up, washing windows, painting walls, and cleaning out the garage. Another clean-up area you’ll want to take care of as early in the spring as possible is your fireplace and chimney system. Make plans to call Owens Chimney Systems soon to set up your annual inspection and sweeping, and we’ll be able to schedule you at your convenience.

Schedule Early

One reason you’ll want to schedule early is simply because you’ll be scheduling at your convenience, not ours. As the summer goes on and autumn approaches, more people will start scheduling their inspections. Our calendar will start to fill, and that means that the longer you wait, the more likely you’ll have to take whatever spot remains, regardless if it’s convenient for you or not. Scheduling early will put the ball in your court, not our other customers’.

Another reason to schedule early in the spring is because of odor. When you burn a lot of fires in your fireplace, creosote is produced. It’s a well-known fact that creosote is flammable, but it can also produce a nasty odor, especially when it is hot and damp outside. You don’t want to be sitting in your clean house this summer and notice that something smells. Be proactive and let us come in and clean your chimney early, and you’ll be eliminating that smelly creosote odor as well.

Stay Obstruction Free

Another thing you have to worry about is obstructions in your chimney, and one of these obstructions might be birds or animals wanting to start a family in your chimney. Your chimney is a perfect spot for this; it’s dark, warm, and out of the path of weather and predators. This is another reason to have us come in and inspect your chimney early. The best protection from these little homemakers is a chimney cap that fits right and is in great condition. We’ll make sure that this is the case so you don’t have to worry about uninvited guests.

Call Today

Give Owens Chimney Systems a call today and let us set up your annual inspection and cleaning. Leave the messy work to the experts!