One important part of your chimney system is the flue. You’ve probably heard about a chimney flue, but do you really know what the purpose is? Your chimney is made of brick and mortar, and it’s a very sturdy structure. However, over time, even such a tough structure can suffer from the effects of weathering, and especially from the freeze-thaw cycle. Mortar and bricks have pores so when precipitation enters these pores, it pools and stays there. When the weather gets below freezing, the water freezes as well, causing it to expand. This causes those pores to get bigger. When the weather warms up, the ice thaws, and there’s room for even more water to collect. As this cycle continues, the pores get bigger and bigger, causing major structural damage to your chimney.

Another thing that can cause damage to the interior of your chimney is, smoke itself. When you burn a fire, the components of smoke that are released are water vapor and many chemicals, such as benzene, methane, and carbon monoxide. These chemicals can have a corrosive effect on the interior of your chimney, eating away at the mortar. When this happens, or when the freeze-thaw cycle happens, it can cause a dangerous situation because structural damage can occur. If this happens, those chemicals that should be released out of your chimney may be re-entering your home instead, and that can be a huge health concern.

Chimney Flue LinerGolden Flue liner- protect your home!

Because there are things that can cause damage to your chimney, it’s important that you have a flue liner. A flue liner is a structure inserted into the interior of your chimney that protects the brick and mortar from the corrosive effects of smoke. It has a three-fold purpose: to increase efficiency, to protect flammable items inside your home from the heat of the fire, and to protect the interior of your chimney. Obviously, this is an important structure. If there are cracks or chips in your liner, you’ll want to have it replaced.

Golden Flue

If you’re looking into relining your chimney, give Owens Chimney Systems a call and we can offer advice and options. One option we’re experts at working with is Golden Flue. Golden Flue is a material that adheres to the interior of your chimney and minimizes heat transfer to internal combustibles. It can also cover surfaces that are coated with creosote. It has additives that make it an excellent source of insulation. Because it is a liquid that coats the interior of your chimney, it seals cracks and crevices, and strengthens the structure of the chimney.

If Golden Flue sounds like a great option for relining your chimney, give Owens Chimney Systems a call soon. It’s important that you don’t go too long with a flue liner that isn’t working properly!