The summertime smells we all want to imagine are flowers and barbecue, but sometimes our chimneys have other ideas.  You can try to cover up the smell with air fresheners and high hopes, but it may be that you have to remove the odor from the unit completely. Our experienced technicians will be able to come see the cause of the odor and how to safely remove it. Call Owens Chimney System today!

Don't just buy candles and air freshener...let us identify the cause of the foul odor and rid you of this headache.

Don’t just buy candles and air freshener…let us identify the cause of the foul odor and rid you of this headache.

What is making your chimney smell so bad?

Creosote is the enemy of any chimney and their owner.  It’s dirty, hazardous, and a suspect to the cause of the odor.  Creosotes are released when you burn firewood.  As more are released they will clump together and stick to the inside of your chimney’s flue.  This problem will not only cause the odor, but will also restrict the draft.  This means that when the bad air is trying to escape the home it will be unable to, and gases such as Carbon Monoxide will be trapped in your home.  If you use your fireplace often, you may need to have two sweeps per year instead of one.

There are things other than creosote that can cause an odor, including dead animals and mold.  Animals are always looking for shelter, and many see a chimney as a suitable place.  What they do not realize is that once they’re in, they may not be able to get out. Don’t try to remove any animal or bird yourself.

Mold can grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours in anywhere that has a place for water to sit.  Since it has a variety of colors and textures, you should call for help if you see something that looks out of the norm.  If you live somewhere where rain and other precipitation is common, you should look into having your chimney checked regularly for waterproofing.

Mold can be a health hazard, so if you have family members with allergies or respiratory problems, this is a critical issue.

What to do?

Summer is a great time to schedule your annual chimney cleaning and inspection because most certified sweeps are less busy. And if the smell is bothering you…you certainly don’t want to put it off. If you have any questions or concerns about what may be causing your stinky fireplace, don’t hesitate to call. We pride ourselves on the highest customer service and want you to feel taken care of.