It never fails that after the holidays and tax season, your wallet seems to be a little more thin than usual.  Some people use coupons, or reduce their trips out.  Many people do not think about what they can change around their homes, or how much money these changes can save.  The first steps toward being energy efficient include regular maintenance and cleanings.  To schedule an appointment call the professionals at Owens Chimney Systems today!

Want to lower your electric bill? Make sure your chimney and dryer are both tended to annually.

Want to lower your electric bill? Make sure your chimney and dryer are both tended to annually.

How can energy be lost from the home?

Without noticing it, your chimney can let large amounts of energy slip through.  In a wood-burning fireplace almost all of the heat is lost through the chimney.  Also, an open fireplace pulls air in from the outside. Keeping your chimney draft at optimal performance is one way to mitigate lost energy.

Also, your clothes dryer is one way to run up your electric bill.  It has been studied that they use about five percent of the energy consumed in the home for a calendar year.  Newer models will use a little less energy than an old dryer, however there are no specified energy efficient dryers.

What changes can be made to the units to save energy?

Many changes can be made to your fireplace and chimney to increase the useful energy.  Heat is lost when parts are not in working order, so make sure you have your sweep and inspection to make sure everything is running smoothly.  The technician may recommend that you install a flue sealer.  This is a removal stopper that prevents air from leaving the chimney.  They are inexpensive and easy to install.  To get the most out of the sealer, have your flue cleaned before installation.

To get the most out of your dryer, make sure you have the vents cleaned annually.  This is most importantly done to prevent fires from breaking out.  However, when there is less to clutter the vent the dryers can work and dry clothes faster and in less cycles.