A chimney cap is a vital part of your chimney and fireplace system. It holds a very specific purpose of protecting your chimney from things that want in and from things that want out. Although it may seem like an optional component, it is definitely something that you want for your chimney system.

There are different ways that a chimney cap can benefit you.

Fire Prevention

One of the most important things that a chimney cap can do is to prevent a roof fire.

When burning a fire in your fireplace, it’s inevitable that some sparks will rise with the smoke up your chimney. If one of those sparks happens to reach your dry shingles, it could be all it takes for your roof to catch on fire. It doesn’t take too much thinking to understand how much damage that could cause, even to the point of losing your home and the possessions in it. Chimney caps are effective at keeping those sparks from getting to your roof.

Keep Animals Out

Another purpose served by a chimney cap is to keep animals out.

Your chimney makes a delightful little home for birds and other animals. Some creatures aren’t even looking for a home; they just have the misfortune of falling into your chimney and then not being able to get back out. Three possible consequences can arise from this situation. First, the animal can keep struggling to get out, making noise and disturbing your peace. Second, an even less happy scenario is that the animal will die in your chimney before you can have it removed. This will cause a horrible stench that will still end with you calling someone to remove the carcass. Third, the bird or animal will fall down into your firebox, and then you’ll have the fun of trying to remove a scared wild animal from your home. None of these options sounds like much fun, and all can be avoided by installing a chimney cap to keep them out.

Prevent Backdraft

A third way that a chimney cap can have a positive impact on your home is by preventing a backdraft.

You may have heard that chimney caps increase backdraft. This story is false if the chimney cap is fitted and installed properly.  Not only can chimney caps help reduce backdraft, if the proper amount of draft is a problem for you, there are chimney caps that are designed especially to help create the proper draft for your home.

Different Chimneys, Different Caps

This brings up the issue of what kind of chimney cap is best for your home. There are so many types to choose from: standard, draft increasing, draft master, top sealing – the possibilities are endless! That’s what makes Owens Chimney Systems so great! Owens custom designs our own chimney caps, so you will have the exact right cap for whatever your needs may be. Give us a call to look at your chimney and help you determine what cap is best for you.