There is something so special about fall in North Carolina. The air gets fresh and cool, the leaves change and color the countryside with reds and yellows and oranges, and you know that cooler weather is on the way. The beautiful fall weather can even get you in the mood for those cooler days, and cozying in in front of a cheerful, crackling fire. There’s something so peaceful about those long evenings, relaxing on the couch, reading a good Leaves on rooftopbook. The pace of the evening slows down after an active summer and fall spent getting back into the pace of the school year, or going to football games, or even getting the yard work ready before winter hits. The question to ask is this: is your chimney system ready for fall? The best way to make sure that your chimney system is ready is to call Owens Chimney Systems and have us come out and do a thorough inspection and cleaning before you start using your fireplace this fall and winter.

Things We’ll Be Checking For

One of the things we’ll be looking for when we do your inspection is indications of water leaks. During the course of the summer, high winds, rainstorms, and hailstorms can cause damage to occur to your chimney system. It can cause damage to your chimney cap, causing it to rust and twist, and that means that water will be able to enter your home through your chimney. It can also cause the chimney flashing, those metal strips that are alternately layered at the base of your chimney, to loosen and tear away, or to rust through. Those strips are designed to keep the rain out of that juncture where the chimney meets the roof, and if they’re torn away or loose, precipitation might sneak in. When water leaks in, it can cause further damage by wearing away at the mortar of your chimney, which can cause structural damage to your chimney. This can also make burning more dangerous for your family because fumes and chemicals are being allowed to sneak back into your home rather than being safely directed up and into the great outdoors.

Another thing that we’ll be checking for is animal infestation. By this late in the fall, you probably won’t be having any animals left in your chimney, but over the course of the summer you may have had a critter take up residence in your chimney in order to raise their family there. If this is the case, there’s probably a dried nest in there as well, and that could easily cause a blockage or even catch a spark and start a chimney fire. That’s why it’s vital that we get this cleaned out before you start using your fireplace this fall and winter.

Call Now

Now that winter is just around the corner, it’s time to give Owens Chimney Systems a call to make sure that your chimney system is ready for the cooler weather and the great fires you’ll be enjoying all fall and winter long.