Temperatures are beginning to drop, and if you have a fireplace in your home, you are likely gearing up for countless cozy evenings in front of a warm fire. Now, if you’re one of the many who takes advantage of the ease and convenience of gas logs, you might be wondering what type of maintenance you need to invest in before kicking off your burning season. After all, gas logs are mess-free, very efficient, and super low maintenance, so they shouldn’t need annual inspections like wood-burning units do, right?

gas logs This actually isn’t the case. Gas logs need annual service just like any other type of stove, fireplace, or insert, and failing to get this done can actually lead to some pretty big issues. You’ll definitely experience a lack of efficiency, and your family members could very likely face some threats and health risks as well. Learn more below, then count on our experts to set you up with the care and professional attention you deserve.

The Risk Of Acidic Gases

What many don’t realize is that when their gas units are not drafting properly, they’ll experience a lot of acidic water in and throughout their chimney. This acidic water creates all kinds of problems, such as unsightly staining, deterioration, cracking and crumbling, and more.

If you know anything about water damage and your masonry chimney, you’re aware that the longer it goes without getting fixed, the worse the issues will become. The more your masonry weakens, the more prone you will be to gas leaks and carbon monoxide exposure. Carbon monoxide has proven deadly on multiple occasions, and its colorless and odorless nature makes it especially threatening. It’s not worth taking any chances! Give us a call so we can check things over for you.

Facing Damages?

Did your inspection reveal damages that need to be addressed? This is another reason why regular overviews are such a must! Many times, homeowners have damages that they are unaware of, and these issues will only escalate if not promptly treated. If you have any problems with your gas logs, fireplace, or chimney, our expert crew is sure to spot them, and we can provide you with effective solutions, too.

We can take care of water-related problems, restore your masonry, and provide any necessary relining work. We have the tools, techniques, and technologies necessary to keep your system running great throughout the months ahead, and we would be happy to work with your budget and time frame as much as we can.

Let’s Discuss Your Options Today!

Ready to ensure your system is all set and ready for use? We can service your gas logs in no time, so you won’t have to stress about a thing. Our team is CSIA certified, are members of the NCSG, and is eager to serve all of Charlotte and its surrounding cities. Let’s make this upcoming holiday season your best one yet. Call now!