With fall comes fireplace maintenance, and it can sometimes feel a bit stressful thinking about repairs, cleanings, creosote build-up, water damage, broken down components, and the like. Needless to say, there’s often a lot to prepare for before lighting that first fire of the year, so making sure all of your boxes are ticked off is a must!

That said, chimney care doesn’t have to all be technical – it can also be fun! If you’re looking to change up the aesthetics of your system (without spending a load of cash on a rebuild or facelift), an effective and inexpensive thing you can do is incorporate some new fireplace accessories. And, let’s face it, sometimes it’s the little investments that become the most special and impactful.

At Owens Chimney Systems, we’re all about helping our customers create lasting memories around their hearths. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing any and all of the accessories you need to do just that.

Accessories We Offer

So, what are some of the more popular investments our customers make? Here are some affordable items that are easy to incorporate into your next burning season – and are sure to enhance it.

  • Smoke Guards: No one wants smoke billowing into their fireplace every time they light a fire. If this is happening to you, you aren’t only experiencing an unpleasant aesthetic… the health and wellbeing of your loved ones will be at risk, too. Smoke guards offer a simple and effective fix for this issue, so you can enjoy the season to the fullest.
  • Clean-Out Doors: A clean-out door makes clearing out all that excess soot, ash, and debris much easier, and they can be located on either the inside of your home or the outside. The only problem is they often get damaged, ignored, or blocked. Call us in to install a new one, so you can experience ultimate convenience this fall and winter.
  • Firebacks: Looking for a way to get more heat in your living space? Firebacks offer just that. They come in both stainless steel and cast iron options, and they sit at the back of your fireplace helping to radiate the heat from your fireplace back into your home. If this sounds like the right investment for you, talk with us about your options today.
  • Gas Logs: When it comes to gas logs, you don’t have to settle for unrealistic or out-of-date options. Whether you want classic logs that offer that timeless look everyone knows and loves or something more modern like gems or glass, we’ve got exactly what you need 
  • Other Necessary Chimney Components

Now, along with any accessories, there are some other chimney components you should ensure you have before diving into the burning season.

Fireplace Hearth Acessories - Charlotte NC - Owens Chimney Systems

One of these is a well-fitted and reliable chimney cap. Chimney caps ensure no water or debris enter your flue, and they keep curious woodland critters out as well. We custom build copper and stainless steel caps that are guaranteed to bring you that protection you’re seeking.

Copper outside mount chimney cap with flat lid

Another necessary investment is a damper. Many homeowners still have throat dampers which can do the job fine when properly maintained, but if you’re looking to upgrade, we highly recommend having us install a top-down damper. These work alongside the chimney cap to keep out debris and animals, while providing that much-desired tight seal, ensuring no outside air gets in when it shouldn’t.

Own a prefab unit? Then a new chase cover may be in order. Like with our chimney caps, we can custom make your chase cover, ensuring it fits in perfectly with your setup. This isn’t an investment you’ll want to skimp on!

Interested in an Entirely New Setup?

Like we’ve mentioned, we want you to get everything you need and more from your fireplace experience every year! If you’ve decided some new parts and accessories simply won’t cut it and you want to make the switch to something more up to date or efficient, we’ve got you covered.

Talk with us today about our stove and fireplace options. We’re certain we can find the best fit for your needs and wishes, guaranteeing you a cozier and more comfortable burning season this fall.

We work with companies like Regency, Valor, Real Fyre, and more, all of which are trusted names in the industry. One thing’s for certain – we won’t sell you a product we don’t believe in! Work with us through it all, so you can feel good about your investment.

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