Only the Best: Certified CSIA Chimney Sweeps

Our chimneys and fireplaces not only look good in our homes, they also bring that much needed warmth we desire. It gives us so much that it’s only fair to give our chimneys the right amount of attention and care. After all, it is to our advantage anyway. It is important to have a properly inspected and maintained fireplace and chimney to provide us some semblance of security and peace of mind. We won’t feel anxious or frightened all the time thinking of our houses possibly burning to the ground. With legitimate, credible, and expert chimney inspectors, we can be assured of this.

When it comes to your family and your home, why settle for second best.

When it comes to your family and your home, why settle for second best.

So who sets the standards? How will we know if the chimney experts we hire are the real deal and not just some mediocre company claiming they are the best in the business? The best way to determine if a chimney company is legal and certified is if they are accredited by the Chimney Safety Institute of America or the CSIA. This is a non-profit and tax-exempt organization that is responsible for overseeing and carefully assessing aspiring companies that want to succeed and have a prominent name in the Chimney Sweeps Industry. They have been part of the industry for over thirty years now and are all the more delighted to have helped dozens of companies that yearn to succeed.

Chimney inspections are administered by volunteer professionals and experts all over the country to conduct numerous examinations that test their skill and knowledge on the precautionary measures, codes and conducts of the proper handling methods, and techniques on assuring safety for homes. The number one goal of this non-profit union is to promote awareness and news to the society regarding performances of chimneys and vents with the assurance that all these are done with due consideration of safety for all the people living in that house. They educate and train individuals who want to become registered and known experts in the field as well.

Companies will undergo a set of thorough examinations and tests. The exams are never as easy as one two three and are always changed and reformatted every three years. Companies are also required to take these examinations to make sure they come out to be more reliable, trustworthy and competent.

If they qualify, they will receive a certificate and will be recognized as legitimate service providers in their field of work. By becoming a certified CSIA Chimney Sweep Company, you are entitled to a number of privileges as well as recognition. It can eventually contribute to the overall success your business.

Companies that are already certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America are never scared of questions and inquiries clients might have. They know that once you are certified by the CSIA you are a trained, knowledgeable expert in what you do. They are assured of safe practices and proper procedures and methods in handling any kind of situation you might have with fireplaces, chimneys and vents.

That’s why a company like Owens Chimney Systems Incorporated exists. They have gone through the many challenges and programs the CSIA has set for them to accomplish. They were able to pass all legal requirements and examinations that lead them to where they stand now. For over twenty years of exceptional performances they only prove how CSIA can work its magic to help a company up the ladder of success.