There’s not much worse than getting a leak – whether it’s in the washing machine hose, the roof, or the dishwasher. These tend to be pretty easy to detect and, usually, they’re pretty easy to fix as well. Even if you have to call in a professional, it’s usually not a ‘rip up the house’ type of job. If your chimney leaks, however, you might be looking at a major repair job. It’s absolutely best to stay on top of chimney repairs so that it doesn’t end up being a long, expensive job.

Signs Your Chimney Is Leaking

So, how do you know that your chimney is leaking anyway? There are several things you can look for. If your damper assembly or your fireplace accessories are rusty – that might be a sign that something is leaking. Another sign of leaks can be found by looking at the mortar and bricks of your chimney. If this area is flaky or crumbly, it could be that there is a leak somewhere. Also, look around the fireplace. If the wallpaper or paint around the chimney looks bubbly or weak, or if the ceiling is weak and discolored, you could very well have a leak in your chimney.

What Could Be Causing Those Leaks

And now, to get to the heart of the matter: what might be causing those leaks? There are several different places that your chimney could be leaking. First, let’s consider the flashing. The flashing is designed to provide a seal between your chimney and the roof. When bad weather hits, high winds, hail…that can cause some damage to the flashing. Over time, it can cause small holes to appear, or, in cases of severe weather, it can cause it to come loose. If this happens, the seal is broken, and you will have leaks.

Another thing that could be causing leaks is a broken, cracked chimney cap. The chimney cap is designed to keep things out of your chimney – whether that is animals, garbage, twigs, and leaves, or precipitation. So when that cap gets cracked or worn, you’re at risk for water leaks running down your chimney, causing damage to the interior of your chimney.

The chimney crown is also at the top of your chimney, but its purpose is to protect the outside of your chimney from the wearing effects of precipitation. So if your chimney crown is damaged, or if you don’t have a chimney crown, you are risking having your chimney’s exterior exposed to the weathering that rain can cause on the bricks and mortar of your chimney.

Call in the Professionals

Whatever the cause of your leaky chimney, your best defense is a good offense. And in this case, your offense comes in the form of the quality, professional service you’ll get from Owens Chimney Systems. We’ll be able to inspect your chimney and find the source of any leaks, and then repair what needs fixing. Give us a call today!