The Camera Sees Where You Cannot

Technology is allowing chimney sweeps to do what they used to do in days gone by: get inside your chimney. Modern sweeps better understand the intricacies of chimney construction and operation and are able to more clearly view inside. Highly specialized cameras and properly trained eyes are coming together to make chimney inspections more valuable than ever.

Using Images to Locate Problems

Responding to the requirement that Level 2 inspections include assessment of the “accessible” flue, video scanning or other camera-aided viewing makes this easy. After all, remove the chimney cap and the flue is quickly visible. However, the scope of inspection needs to see beyond the top of the flue. Being able to snake down a camera allows for a thorough examination and ensures the safety of the sweep.

Chimney Inspection - Charlotte NC - Owens Chimney Systems

Chimney Inspection – Charlotte NC – Owens Chimney Systems

We cannot stress enough that camera inspection needs to be performed by a certified chimney sweep. The potential for damage to your flue is significant and sweeps have to be properly trained and equipped for this task..


When a Level 2 inspection is required, however, camera assistance is invaluable in ascertaining the true condition of the chimney’s interior. Closed-circuit video scans are becoming increasingly popular because of the certainty they bring to the assessment of the flue’s condition. Additionally, still shots are extremely useful in supporting insurance claims and inspection reports.

Seeing the Condition As It Is

Being able to view the entire flue is necessary to make sound judgments about your chimney’s condition. With the wonders of Photoshop, an unscrupulous sweep could enhance the images to fit their agenda. Choosing an ethical chimney sweep is critical. Find a certified sweep who will use the camera to get the information needed to make the best decision for your chimney upkeep.