The weather is getting colder and chances are you’re wanting to start up the old fire. Personally, there’s nothing I love better than grabbing a great book (maybe Lord of the Rings or the Narnia Series) and settling into my favorite chair by the crackling fire. My dog is usually there with me! Even though the leaves are slowly starting to turn and the temperature keeps dropping, don’t let it rush you into skipping out on getting your chimney swept and cleaned.

I know what you’re thinking…”It’s a chimney!!! I’ve never had mine cleaned and it seems to be doing just fine.” You will change your mind when you’ve seen some of the effects of a dirty chimney. It’s never a good idea to play around with carbon monoxide, especially when it’s so easy to avoid by using preventative measures. This year before the air gets too much colder be sure to have us come out, get on the roof with our gear, and get your chimney up to snuff.

Side note: When choosing a chimney sweep, remember this. They need to have all the proper certifications. We do, and we don’t want some random guy jumping on your roof without knowing what they’re doing. Now don’t let that scare you away from making an appointment, because it’s really important to have an inspection and cleaning.

If you think about it, what happens when you don’t clean your gutters? After a few years of neglect they probably break off from the house and start to sag. You can forget about them doing their job when they are clogged and broken. Your chimney is a lot like your gutters. It was designed for a specific purpose, and when it’s clogged with build-up from years of smoke, you can’t expect it to perform at 100%.

So do yourself a favor and give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.