You think that your chimney is pretty straight forward. Just construct brick and mortar and a firebox and you have a fireplace. But in truth, there’s much more to a fireplace and chimney system than just that. There’s many working parts that must be in good condition so that you have a safe and efficient burning fire. For instance, you want to make sure that you have a chimney liner that is free from cracks and crevices, one that fits properly and that allows for the smoke to flow smoothly through on its way out of your house. Your chimney crown needs to be crack free so that water is directed away from the chimney opening and especially away from the base of the chimney. The flashing needs to be rip-free, rust-free and nailed tightly down in the right pattern so that precipitation can’t get in. Mortar needs to be strong and crumble free. Then there’s the dampers, which need to be rust-free and tightly fitted so that they can perform the job of either keeping cold air out of your chimney when it’s cold outside and your fireplace isn’t being used or allowing smoke to flow out of the chimney when you are using your fireplace. These are just a few of the areas that are important to look at when you’re having your chimney cleaned and inspected. At Owens Chimney Systems, we will make sure to look over all these areas and more. But there’s another thing that we’ll take a close look at when we do your annual inspection, and that’s your chimney capBrown Custom Made Outside Mount Chimney Cap With A FLat Lid

Difference Between the Cap and Crown

People often get the chimney cap and the chimney crown mixed up. This is understandable. They both sit at the top of the chimney and they both keep water out of your chimney. That’s about where the similarities end. The chimney crown is the built-on piece that sits at the very top of the chimney. It is usually made of cement. It is sloped so that precipitation runs down towards the roof instead of down into your chimney. The chimney cap, on the other hand, isn’t built on to your chimney but is an added on piece that works to keep precipitation out of the chimney. Not every chimney has a chimney cap, but it’s highly recommended that you add one if your chimney doesn’t. The chimney cap looks like a little room with a roof that is situated over the opening of your chimney. It has a sloped roof that directs the rain to the chimney crown and then off the roof. It also has metal grated sides so that smoke from your fire can get out but that also keeps animals and birds and other debris out of your chimney. This keeps your chimney free from obstructions like dried nests, dried leaves and twigs and paper, obstructions that could catch a spark and cause a chimney fire.

Chimney Caps

If you call us because you think that your chimney is leaking, one of the first things we’ll check out is your chimney cap. If your chimney cap is twisted and out of place, if it’s rusted through in spots, then it’s probable that we’ll recommend you have your chimney cap replaced. When you’re working with Owens Chimney Systems, you’re in luck! We custom make our own chimney caps, so whatever it is that you’re looking for in regards to chimney styles, we can get it for you. We make our chimney caps out of stainless steel or copper, and we make many different styles to fit any style of house or chimney. We make single flue chimney caps that are traditional or more modern looking. We make octagonal, rectangular, or even rounded topped chimney caps that will add style and flair to the look of your home.

There are different types of chimney caps that we can supply as well. There are top mount chimney caps, custom made outside mount chimney caps, and custom pot toppers. We hand make these custom toppers and they can vary in size. When it comes to chimney caps, we can find a cap or make a cap that fits exactly what you’re looking for, both in style and in quality.

Let Us Keep You Leak-Free

Leaks are not good for your chimney. A leak can cause rusty appliances, weakened mortar and an unstable chimney structure. When you call the professionals at Owens Chimney Systems, we’ll come in and inspect all areas of your chimney structure, but especially be on the lookout for leaks. If we notice cracks or weakened areas in your crown, your flashing, or especially your chimney cap, we’ll fix you up in a hurry. We know that leaks left undetected and unrepaired can lead to bigger and more expensive problems, which is why we take such special care to catch and fix any leaks we can find. Give us a call today and set up an appointment for us to inspect and clean your chimney!