Chimney Restoration Means Masonry Restoration - Charlotte NC - Owens Chimney SystemsYour chimney is an important part of your home. It’s an overall part of your home’s aesthetics, and a well-maintained chimney keeps your home’s fireplace working safely and efficiently.
Chimneys also take a lot of abuse. On the outside, chimneys are exposed to the harshest conditions, including wind, ice and rain. On the inside, they are exposed to the extreme temperatures of the fireplace.

With that abuse comes regular repair and maintenance, and chimney repair generally means mason repair. A chimney with failing masonry can lead to other problems. A chimney in need of masonry repair can let water in, and it can let out the high temperatures of the fireplace, causing damage to the parts of the house surrounding the chimney and increasing the risk of a fire.  The masonry experts at Owens Chimney Systems can inspect and, if needed, repair your chimney’s masonry.


Tuckpointing, or re-pointing, is one of the most common masonry restorations and targets the damaged mortar between the bricks of a fireplace. While bricks can last generations, the mortar between the bricks wears down much faster. Mortar generally needs to be repaired or replaced every 25 years. If a chimney’s mortar is neglected, mortar deterioration eventually can lead to the overall failure and collapse of the chimney. With tuckpointing, masonry experts remove the crumbling, failing mortar and apply new mortar. This can be done either to the outside of the chimney, or within a fireplace’s firebox, the two areas that are most susceptible to damage. Tuckpointing is a cost-effective way to restore your chimney’s function. It returns structural stability to the chimney, prevents water from leaking into a chimney and the interior fireplace, and stops further corrosion to the chimney’s mortar.

Brick replacement

Brick replacement is another other common masonry repair needed within a fireplace or chimney. As with the mortar, bricks break down over time due to their exposure to harsh elements. Over time, cold, water or extreme heat can cause bricks to crack or flake. The masonry experts from Owens Chimney Systems can identify, remove and replace any failing bricks within your fireplace or chimney to ensure that it remains efficient, attractive, safe and structurally sound.


There are ways to prevent masonry damage within your fireplace and chimney. Owens Chimney Systems offers waterproofing options for your chimney that can prevent leaking and water damage, which will save you money on repairs over time. The Chimney Saver Water Repellant used by Owens comes with a 10-year water-proofing guarantee. The repellant is effective because it both keeps damaging water out while allowing the smoke and gases created by the fireplace to escape. The repellent keeps your chimney working effectively while keeping out harmful water that can lead to its deterioration.

If you are concerned about potential damage to your chimney, contact Owen Chimney Systems to have a technician inspect your fireplace masonry and to discuss steps you can take to repair any existing damage and prevent future damage.