Have Your Chimney Swept This Spring

Benefits of Having your Chimney Cleaned In The Spring

People tend to not think about their chimneys and fireplaces in the Spring or Summer months. This means if you schedule during these warm months, we’ll be able to accommodate you best and work around your schedule. If any issues are discovered, this is the perfect time to address them and have plenty of times for materials to cure properly. Additionally, you get the following benefits from having your chimney swept by a professional:

Removal of creosote buildup in the chimney (highly flammable)

Removal of animal and outdoor debris collected throughout the year

Clearing of odors caused by soot and creosote buildup

Increases fireplace and chimney efficiency

Identify potential chimney issues

Our Sweeping Process & Our NO MESS GUARANTEE

One of the biggest concerns most people have with hiring a chimney sweep is the mess that can be left behind. However; with Owens Chimney Systems THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO MESS! That’s right! There is no mess and just in case you are interested in how we do that, here’s how:

We wear shoe covers and lay tarps out in front of the fireplace and our work area to insure that your carpet or floor doesn’t get dirty and then set up a high speed dust collector with HEPA filters to make sure that no soot gets into your home.

  • We sweep the inside of your chimney, from the firebox floor to the chimney top.
  • We then clean, inspect and adjust the damper and damper assembly.
  • We use brushes on rods to sweep the flue, hand brushes for the firebox and smoke chamber, and a vacuum with a triple layer HEPA filter to control dust.
  • After doing all of this we do a visual inspection of the outside of the chimney, checking the mortar work, brickwork and crown. Any damage or needed repairs we find is documented with digital photos that can be sent to you.
  • When we are through we will leave a copy with you of the written evaluation.
  • We recommend annual chimney inspections as does the NFPA.

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