We Offer Custom Chimney Caps For Charlotte

There are so many advantages to a chimney cap, and we offer custom made chimney caps to fit your specific chimney. We have single-flue and multi-flue chimney caps. We have stainless steel and copper chimney caps. We can even make a custom cap to fit the dimension and style of your chimney.


Benefits of having a chimney cap:

  • protection from water damages and intrusions
  • protection from animal intrusion
  • avoid downdrafts, which can affect your fireplace experience
  • protections from debris invasions
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Hear what our customers are saying

Excellent service from Taylor and Blake. Rebuilt flue, sealed top and added chimney cap. Quality service from people who care to do it right.

Chris Burlos

Craig Smith came out to identify options for a chimney cap. Craig was very personable and informative. He was able to present the different options available and explain the pros and cons of each option. This was helpful in making an informed decision.

zbew Webz