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With spring comes lots of baby animals. birds, squirrels, raccoons and other small animals who love to use chimneys to nest in. Although animals in your chimney can sound pretty annoying, it can also be dangerous to your system.

  • Animal claws can leave scratches in your liner.
  • Nesting materials can clog your system, making chimney fires a very real possibility.
  • Having wild animals so close to your home can cause unwanted noises and unpleasant odors.

If you hear scratching or other noises in your chimney, or notice unpleasant smells, don’t try to remove the animals yourself. Trust the professionals at Owens Chimney Systems! After we remove the animal, we will inspect your system for points of entry and offer ways to prevent animal entry in the future. Give us a call today!

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I’m a real estate agent who appreciates techs taking the time to explain what they’re going to do, what they did, and going the extra mile by explaining things I don’t understand – even things as simple as showing me how to light the flame! Brandon and Brian were very professional and did an excellent job on the fireplace in the home I have listed. I’d recommend this company for their promptness, customer service from the techs AND office, as well as a great price!

Sarah Booth

Will and Craig were outstanding. Very much appreciate all they did to help cap my chimney, remove the nests left by the chimney sweeps and educate me on chimney. They did a very through job. I would have them back in a hurry.

Justin B

Owens just put a chimney cap on my house. They fabricate them in house, stainless steel, and had it powder coated black. NIce to find an American made product and support that. Tom did a great job with repair with Crown coat on the chimney threshold and putting the cap on. Would highly recommend these folks. All of them, techs Luke, Michael, and Tom are professional in what they do. Sarah and Harry rock inside.

Donald T