There’s been nothing but rain, rain, rain! North Carolina has been hit with some pretty severe weather, and whether you were in the brunt of the storm or on the edges, or even miles away, you are probably seeing the after effects in the form of lots and lots of rain. All that precipitation can have a negative effect on your roof, but it can also cause damage to your chimney. If you are seeing signs of leaks or if you’re just worried that there are problem areas that could turn into leaks, give Owens Chimney Systems a call at 704-554-9595. We can help you find the source of the leak, get to any weakened areas before they become leaks, and make sure that you stay safe and dry all winter long.

Causes of Leaks

There are many different places that might be leaking around your chimney, and we can help you find those problem areas in a hurry. As a homeowner, there are signs you can be looking for if you suspect a leaky chimney. One of the first things you might notice is stained ceiling paper near your fireplace. If you see this, it’s a pretty good bet that something is leaking around the chimney. Chances are, your flashing is loose.

If you look at your chimney from the outside, you will notice that there are metal strips around the base of the chimney, right where it meets the roof. Because that is an especially vulnerable spot on a roof, a spot where precipitation can easily leak in, these metal strips are layered to cover the junction and help water flow away from the intersection. Those strips are called the flashing. The problem is, flashing can get torn or ripped during high winds, or can come loose from the house. If this happens, rain can easily make its way into your home, causing your ceiling and walls to weaken and sag over time.

Another problem that precipitation can cause is a weakening of the mortar around the bricks in your chimney. This is a serious problem because it can cause a weakened chimney structure. Another problem is that there can be cracks that allow precipitation to sneak down your chimney, and this can cause the mortar further down on the interior of your chimney to weaken. If there are cracks in your chimney, the smoke and gases that are supposed to be directed out of your home may be sneaking right back in, and that can cause some serious health issues for you and your family.

Let Us Help You

If you are worried about the condition of your chimney, just give us a call! At Owens Chimney Systems, our CSIA certified specialists will make sure that your chimney is in great shape to get you through the winter months, assured that your chimney is in great working condition and that your home will be free from leaks.