Gutter Cleaning

Clean Your Gutters More than a Once a Year

While most people get their gutters cleaned to keep water from backing up and damaging their homes, there is another great reason to clean gutters: they can be a fire hazard.

Dried leaves piled up next to a chimney makes the perfect place for a spark or ember to land and start a fire. That one spark alone can easily spread throughout the attic and roof of your home causing a potential devastating fire. Keeping the gutters free of leaves and debris year round takes away that possibility.

Our gutter cleaning service is done by professionals who use the proper tools to make sure your gutters are not damaged while cleaning. Our service technicians will also clean your gutters and leave your yard and home free of debris.

We suggest you have your gutters cleaned at least once a year, optimally, two or three times per year, depending on the trees that surround your home. If you have any questions about cleaning your gutters or any other service completed by Owens Chimney Systems, just contact us.


Regular cleaning of your furnace is a must. It is right up there with dryer ducts, vents and gutters.