It’s already well into the winter months. The holidays have started, with Thanksgiving just behind us and the fun and frenzy of the Christmas holidays rapidly approaching. Have you ever gotten to the end of a long day of working, shopping, party planning, meal planning, cookie baking, and present wrapping and thought that nothing would feel as nice as relaxing for an hour in front of a crackling fire? If this is something you dream about but you don’t have a fireplace, you probably think your dream is just that and that nothing will ever come of it. The thought of adding a fireplace is just too much hassle and too much expense to think seriously about. But what if there was another alternative that would avoid a lot of the mess and money? An alternative that would have you relaxing in front of a crackling fire, warming your toes while you unwind after an exhausting day of work? Well, lucky for you, there is an alternative that meets those requirements, and that’s having a wood stove installed in your home. Not only is this less expensive than adding a fireplace, but it’s also less time-consuming and less intrusive.

Benefits of a Woodstove

woodstoveOne of the biggest benefits of a woodstove is the heat output. Why have a fire burning if that heat is going to flow right out of the chimney? Today’s wood stoves are a great source of heat, and they also come in a wide variety of sizes and styles so that you can add a significant heat source to any sized room. And wood stoves are also powerful enough that you can get a room heated quite quickly. This is great on those cold winter nights when all you want to do is get warm after a day out in the winter cold!

Energy Efficient and Money Saver

Today’s woodstoves are also very energy efficient. A fireplace can let a lot of your heat go right up the chimney. A contained woodstove won’t let that happen. In fact, wood stoves can be as high as 80% efficient, which means more heat in your room and more money in your wallet. Running a wood-burning stove can heat a small room or act as supplementary heat in a larger area. Even if you have to keep your furnace running for the main area of the house, having a wood stove running in the most used area of your home can really cut down on your electricity bill.

Reliability, Even With No Electricity

Electricity outages don’t happen all that often, but when they do, it can be a highly uncomfortable experience. It doesn’t take long for your house to get very cold. This is a great benefit of having a woodburning appliance. A wood stove doesn’t need electricity to run. You throw the wood in, strike a match, and you have a warm, toasty fire burning. This can be the difference between comfort and a miserable evening. One thing is for sure: in the middle of a power outage in the middle of winter, you’ll be happy to have a reliable woodstove in your home.

Good for the Environment

In today’s world, we should be very conscious of the effects of anything we do on the environment. We only have one earth, and we need to take care of it! A woodburning stove can be very environmentally friendly. This is because it is considered to be carbon neutral. Burning wood will give off carbon dioxide, but the amount given off is basically the same amount as living trees are taking in, thus carbon neutrality. Not only that, but you can often pick up wood from a friend or neighbor who has a tree that needs to come down, and if you’re willing to put in the work, then you have a cheap heating source that takes care of getting rid of a tree that needs to be removed.

Comfort and Beauty

One more thing that a woodstove provides is a homey and comfortable ambiance that’s hard to replicate. There are so many styles of wood stoves available in so many sizes that you will have no problem finding the perfect fit for your home. Whether you’re looking for a stove that’s sleek and modern looking or a throwback to a simpler time, all you need to do is to stop in at Owens Chimney Systems and you will be able to find exactly the right stove to hit the style and feel that you’re looking for in your home. Not only that, our knowledgeable and helpful staff is eager to make sure that you get what you’re looking for, and they’re happy to offer advice and suggestions whenever you have questions. Our mission is to make sure that every person who wants to add a beautiful and serviceable heating appliance to their home finds just what they’re looking for and is 100% satisfied. And remember, it’s never too late to add a wood stove to your home, so don’t go through another winter without one!